Driving from St Louis, MO to Indianapolis, IN, Mommy And Me Travels stumbled upon the cutest little town that had some amazingly largest world things to see.  That town is Casey, IL.  The town boast its worlds largest things with its motto “Big Things Small Town”.  If you are looking for a kids friendly break along I70 to burn off some energy, we definitely recommend stopping in Casey, IL.  Here are just a few highlights of the town that you can view and see these awe inspiring worlds largest things.  As an added bonus for you, don’t forget to stop at Union Station St Louis while you are there as your kids will definitely thank you for an amazing day at Union Station and then a stop here at Casey, IL.  

You may ask yourself, how did so many of the worlds largest things end up in the small town.  Well ‘The man behind the idea of Big Things Small Town is Jim Bolin. Bolin is a local business owner. Born and raised in Casey, he felt like he owed something to the community that has given him the opportunity to build a life, home, and business. All of the items were constructed by him and his crew from Bolin Enterprises, In.” – https://www.bigthingssmalltown.com/faq

Casey Illinois Attractions – “Big Things Small Town”:

Plan your stop at Casey Illinois Attractions, located conveniently right off of I70 between St Louis and Indianapolis, by knowing what your family would be most interested in viewing, or scope them all out because they are all a wonder to see.  

This town has seven attractions that are categorized by the Guinness World Records as the World’s Largest Attractions.  These are: World’s Largest Pitchfork, Worlds Largest Golf Tee, Worlds Largest Wind Chime, Worlds Largest Rocking Chair, Worlds Largest Mailbox, Worlds Largest Wooden Shoes, and Former Worlds Largest Knitting Needles & Crochet Hook (2013-2017).  

If your family enjoys viewing big things, don’t forget to also check out the other Big Attractions that this town has to offer.  Above and beyond the worlds largest attractions are also these Big Attractions that are definitely worth paying a visit to while you are in town: Wooden Token, Toy Airplane, Yardstick, Key, Ear of Corn, Pencil, Barbershop Pole, Bird Cage, Minion, Spinning Top, Twizzle Spoon, Baseball Bat, Teeter-Totter, and Bookworm.   You can also check out the TripAdvisor reviews here.

Worlds Largest Wind Chime:  Worlds Largest Wind Chime

Does your family enjoy the sounds of a wind chime?  Well what if that wind chime could be heard for miles?  That is exactly what you can see with the Worlds Largest Wind Chime in Casey IL.  Not only can you view it but you can ring it.  Don’t miss this fun and free kids activity.  

The wind chime construction started in 2011 and completed in 2012.   Shortly after completion it was added as the Worlds Largest Wind Chime to the Guinness World Records book.   The structure stands 56 feet tall with the largest chime being 42 feet tall.  

Address: 109 East Main St, Casey IL, 62420

Largest Rocking Chair:  Worlds Largest Rocking Chair

Who doesn’t love to sit and relax in a rocking chair?  Especially if you have a new baby that you are trying to rock to sleep.  Well what if that chair was so large that it took a latter to reach it, not to mention that it does actually rock.  That is exactly what this small town has built in the worlds largest rocking chair.  It is definitely a chair built for a giant mom to rock her baby 🙂

The largest rocking chair had to actually rock to be considered for the Guinness World Records book.  This proved to be a difficult task to accomplish but the build set out to make it a success.  The worlds largest rocking chair took 2 years to complete and after completion was added as the largest rocking chair in the world.  An amazing fact about this chair is that it is made entirely of reclaimed and recycled material.  The chair is 56 feet tall and weighs 46,200 pounds.  

Address: 117 East Main Street, Casey IL, 62420

Worlds Largest Mailbox:  Worlds Largest Mailbox

I know my kids love checking the mail.  Well this time they got to be the mail.  What I mean is the worlds largest mailbox is functioning and you are able to climb a few flights of stairs and stand inside the mailbox to “become mail”.  This is also the location to take in a great view of the small town of Casey, IL.

Like the largest rocking chair, to qualify as the worlds largest mailbox it had to be functioning.  That means that the red flag can be lifted to signify that mail is available for pick up.  The worlds largest mailbox is 5,743.41 cubic feet.  

Address: 19 West Main Street, Casey IL, 62420

World’s Largest Pitchfork:  World's Largest Pitchfork

Does your family like to farm or going picking at a local farm on the weekends?  Well what if you had to do it with a pitchfork that was 10x the normal size?  The world’s largest pitchfork is just that, 10x the size of a standard pitchfork.  You will be amazed at the fine details that you can view at this beautiful location.  The site of the world’s largest pitchfork is placed at Richards Farm.  At one time it was a working farm, now it is a quaint family restaurant with a buffet style homegrown menu.   

Similar to the worlds largest rocking chair, the world’s largest pitchfork is also made of reclaimed wood and metal.  The world’s largest pitchfork was the first of its kind so there was no record that had to be beat.  This meant to get into the Guinness Book of World Records that the pitchfork had to be 10x the size of a normal pitchfork.  The world’s largest pitchfork was completed and added into the Guinness Book of World Records in 2015 with its size of 60 feet long and 1940 pounds.

Address: 607 NorthEast 13th Street, Casey IL, 62420

Worlds Largest Golf Tee:  Worlds Largest Golf Tee

Do you have a golfer in the family, or maybe many golfers?  Then check out the worlds largest golf tee that sits on a functioning golf course.  When you enter the country club area you have to walk through the shop and sign in on the guest book.  You will then be directed to the best viewing location which is right outside the golf shop.  The best place to get pictures of the worlds largest golf tee is to climb a small flight of stairs and you will be directly lined up with the golf tee.  The sunlight is perfect either early in the morning or later in the day for pictures.  

The worlds largest golf tee is constructed of laminated wood and claimed was added as the Guinness World Record in 2013.  The construction of this magnificent piece was to encourage people to visit the public golf course and take more interest in another activity the Big Things Small Town had to offer.  The worlds largest golf tee is 30.5 feet tall with the head dimensions being 6 feet 3 inches, and weighs 6,659 pounds.

Address: 203 NorthEast 13th Street, Casey IL, 62420

Giant Knitting Needles & Crochet Hook (Formally Worlds Largest):  Giant Knitting Needles

Is your favorite past time while traveling to knit?  What if you had to do it with giant knitting needles.  For this item to get into the world records that is exactly one of the criteria for entry, they had to be functioning enough to be used to make a 10×10 square.  You will definitely want to check out these giant knitting needles and crochet hook, formally the worlds largest entered in 2013.  To view these up close you do have to enter the Yarn Studio store and then walk to the back.  If you are visiting while the store is closed then you can see them through a glass window where they are displayed.    

This pair of giant knitting needles held the world record from 2013-2017 when a UK art student claimed the record with a pair of just over 14 feet.  This pair of giant knitting needles and crochet hooks 13.75 feet and 3.25 inches in diameter, weighing 25 pounds each.  Jeanette did knit the 10×10 square needed for the world record entry in front of a group of children.  She stated “I want the children to see that they can set a goal and pursue a dream”.  

Address: 2 East Main Street, Casey IL, 62420

Wooden Shoes – Worlds Largest:

We all know you need shoes to travel.  Well what if you had to wear wooden shoes?  Since we are lucky enough to not have to wear wooden shoes, it is still definitely exciting to see the worlds largest wooden shoes that are on display inside The Casey Candy Depot.  These wooden shoes are easily visited be entering The Casey Candy Depot after visiting the worlds largest mailbox as the store sits right behind the entrance to the mailbox.  At this stop you can see both the worlds largest mailbox and wooden shoes.  

The wooden shoes were made by piecing together wooden boards then using a chain saw and sander to get the perfect shape.  The wooden shoes entered the Guinness World Record in 2015.  Each wooden shoe is 4 feet 9 inches tall, 11 feet 5.5 inches long, 5 feet 3 inches wide, and weigh 2500 pounds.

Address: 20 West General Robey St., Casey IL, 62420

Wrap Up!

Take a drive to visit the worlds largest attractions in Casey Illinois a town with the motto “Big Things Small Town”.  In this article we covered the worlds largest wind chime, largest rocking chair, worlds largest mailbox, world’s largest pitchfork, worlds largest golf tee, giant knitting needles and crochet hook, and the worlds largest wooden shoes.  If you are planning a visit also check out our Big Attractions for Casey Illinois article (coming soon).  

Have you seen any of these World Record Largest World Attractions?  Do you know of others that we can check out?  Leave us a comment and help us visit all of the Largest World Attractions.  

Also, check out our ideas for Planning A Family Vacation or how to do Day Trips With Kids.

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