Visit Neuschwanstein Castle with kids and looking for the best way to accomplish this trip?  No worries!  Here at Mommy And Me Travels, one of our favorite family trips is visiting Neuschwanstein Castle.   There is no huge secret that traveling with kids can be difficult.  We these few tips you will be able to visit Neuschwanstein Castle and surrounding areas with kids like a pro.  

Where to stay if you are US Military – Edelweiss Lodge Garmisch

While traveling to Garmisch, we stayed at the Edelweiss Lodge on the military installation.  We used Edelweiss as a jumping off point for many adventures.  You can check out the reviews of the hotel here on Trip Advisor.  We mapped out where we wanted to go and just over 30 minutes away found a ton of amazing things to do to.  Munich 3 Day Itinerary, Dinosaur Parks, Thermal Spas, Highline 179 Suspension Bridge, and Visiting Neuschwanstein Castle (this post).  

Visit Neuschwanstein Castle:

About Neuschwanstein Castle- Hiking Around Neuschwanstein Castle

One of King Ludwig II castles’ is The Neuschwanstein Castle (Schloss Neuschwanstein).  The castle was open to the public weeks after King Ludwig II death.  It now attracts more visitors than any other castle in Germany.  There is no guess why this place is so popular, upon reaching the castle it is like stepping into your favorite fairy tail.  It is said to have been the inspiration for the Disney Theme castle.

Traveling up to Neuschwanstein Castle from parking lots – 

The Neuschwanstein Castle is nestled up high in the hills in southern Bavaria.  To visit Neuschwanstein Castle with kids you have three options; bus, horse carriage, or with your own 2 feet.  Since I was traveling with two little boys, I chose for us to go up the hill by horse carriage.  It was a small fee but worth not having to listen to “fussing” from my eldest son on how tired he would have been walking up it.  Not to mention it is a long walk straight up hill and my baby was being carried.  After the quick horse ride up, ~11 mins, you immediately are in awe at the spectacular building.

Where to purchase tickets when you are visiting Neuschwanstein Castle-

If you do not pre-purchase your tickets then tickets for entrance to the castles can only be acquired from the ticket counter at the bottom of the hill. Don’t forget to pick up your tickets before you head to the castle. There are scheduled tour times and it is the only way to view the inside. There is no photography allowed inside. Restoration of different rooms are normally taking place, so don’t be disappointed if this happens on your tour. If it isn’t one room it’s another. The tours are quick, about 30 mins. This was the perfect amount of time to keep my kids attention.

Visiting Queen Mary’s Bridge: Queen Mary Bridge Photo

You are able to see and visit Queen Mary’s Bridge (Marienbruke) from the castle. It is worth the short hike out to get the best pictures of Neuschwanstein Castle. If you schedule a morning tour, try to get there early enough to beat the crowds, usually before your tour starts. If you do venture out later in the day or right after your tour expect to wait your turn to get on the bridge.

Visit Hohenschwangau:

Hohenschwangua CastleAfter completing your visit of Neuschwanstein Castle, head back down the hill and then up the other side to visit Hohenschwangua Castle.  Hohenschwangau was the family home of King Ludwig II.  Don’t miss an opportunity to see the beauty of this building.  You have the same options to get up the much smaller hill to this castle as you did to get to Neuschwanstein.   Same rules about getting entrance tickets as above applies.





Bonus for Kids, visit Tegelbergbahn:

After completing the tours of the Castles, don’t forget to pay a stop to the Tegelbergbahn Cable Car.  Tegelbergbahn happened to be the highlight of the trip for my sons.  

Things to do at Tegelbergbahn: Tegelbergbahn Cable Car

Cable Car:

First we took the cable car up to the top.  Don’t miss the opportunity to take pictures of both castles on the ride up and down.   Once you are at the top it is hard if not impossible to find a great place to take pictures of the castles.  There is plenty of well marked paths for hiking around or even back to the bottom.  We chose to hiked around a little to stretch our legs and let the kids burn a little energy.  There is also a great bier garden to grab a bite to eat and relax while enjoying the great outdoors.  

At the Base:

At the bottom of the mountain of this location there is a huge park for children to play as well as a toboggan run.  (Yes you read that right, a toboggan run!)  Needless to say we spent hours playing at the park and riding the toboggan.  

Wrap Up!

There are many magical wonders that are at Neuschwanstein and the surrounding areas that are a must visit and must see when traveling with kids.  My son’s would be the first to tell you that they love spending a day at the Castles and at Tegelbergbahn.  The vote for most fun in the day by my sone was Tegelbergbahn.  Who could blame him though, it had a toboggan!.  

Neuschwanstein Castle, Hohenschwangua, and Tegelbergbahn are definitely worth visiting.  Have you been? What are your thoughts about them?  Have any other little secrets to share that we should check out on our next visit? 

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Visit Neuschwanstein Castle with Kids

Visiting Neuschwanstein Castle with Kids

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