Mommy And Me Travels was excited to check out Fort Wayne on a weekend getaway.  This meant that we had to locate those secrete family friendly Fort Wayne Restaurants to ensure our entire family (young and young at heart) had the most awesome yummy experiences.  No problem, we found 6 of the top kid friendly restaurants in Fort Wayne and we are excited to share them with you.  Below we will cover 2 places to eat in Fort Wayne for each meal and all are Fort Wayne family friendly restaurants.  

Part (not all) of these Fort Wayne Restaurants provided discounts during our sponsored trip to Fort Wayne by Visit Fort Wayne.  Here at Mommy And Me Travels we always provide our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and/or experiences on topics, events, and/or products.  The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own.  You can read more about this on our disclosure page here.  

Breakfast Family Fun Fort Wayne Restaurants

Cindy’s Diner Cindy Diner Family Fort Wayne Restaurant

Address: 230 W Berry St, Fort Wayne, IN 46802

We wanted to try a recommend diner so we headed to Cindy’s Diner.  This restaurant had a family feeling, everyone was nice, and the food looked good.  Unfortunately we were unable to dine here due to the lack of seating available.  The whole restaurant only has about 15 countertop seats.  It was a busy morning so our family of 4 could not get seating together or even 2 and 2 seats together.  The restaurant however comes highly recommended by others and is known to be a kid friendly restaurant in Fort Wayne so I have added it to the list.  Plus we will definitely try to get seats next time we are in town.

Tip for Parents:

If visiting this location with smaller kids, definitely get there early or go during a non-traditional eating hour so that you can all get seats together.  Also, if you kids are still in high chairs, I would recommend waiting to try this location.

Klemm’s Kafe Klemms Kafe kid friendly Fort Wayne diner

Address: 1429 N Wells St, Fort Wayne, IN 46808

When we couldn’t get into Cindy’s Diner we asked some of the locals waiting and they recommended Klemm’s Kafe but emphasized to go to the one on Wells St and not State St.  So that is exactly what we did.  When we arrived at Klemm’s Kafe there was a short wait but definitely worth it.  This location had a true diner feel and the food was exactly what we expected, delicious.  Their signature is the Garbage and my husband says it is a must try on your visit.  I had the croissant and it was the best I’ve had at a diner.  My sons pancakes came in the shape of Mickey Mouse so they were excited and ate the entire fluffy pancake.  I can’t comment on the other location but if you are looking for a great breakfast stop, I definitely recommend checking out Klemm’s on Wells St.  

Tip for Parents:

The food here is delicious but can also be greasy.  It is a diner after all.  If your kids little tummies are sensitive to grease than I recommend ordering the pancakes as they were super fluffy and not greasy.  For a real diner experience, try to get a few seats at the bar and your kids can enjoy watching the hustle and bustle of the cooks while they prepare all the dishes.

Lunch and Dinner Options Fort Wayne Family Restaurants

Bravas Bravas Fort Wayne Restaurant

Address: 3412 Fairfield Ave, Fort Wayne, IN 46807

Looking for the perfect lunch or dinner spot?  Check out Bravas for the true farm to table experience.  The hamburgers are juicy and completely full of flavor.  There are two different types of patties to try, the house and the smash.  We had both and can honestly say that you can’t go wrong with either.  Not a hamburger fan, no worries, they also have veggie options or hot dogs that are freshly made.  The atmosphere was like a fun family picnic because you get to pick a picnic table inside and stay cool while making it a family adventure.  

Tip for Parents:

When you are driving up to this restaurant it can seem to be in a sketchy area.  I will tell you that we went during the day and felt completely safe.  We parked on the connecting side street and didn’t have any issue with our vehicle either.  If you are leery by nature then I would recommend visiting at lunch.   

Famous Coney Island Coney Island kid friendly fort wayne restaurant

Address: 131 W Main St, Fort Wayne, IN 46802

The Famous Coney Island of Fort Wayne is an affordable fun lunch or dinner option.  Don’t expect anything fancy here.  You are eating hot dogs but they are some of the best we have ever had.  The buns are steamed to perfection, the hot dogs are juicy, and the Coney Island sauce is a punch of flavor that will tingle your taste buds all for a small price of $1.50 (June 19) per hot dog.   This was our kids favorite dinner place the entire trip.  It truly is family friendly fun food.   

Tip for Parents:

Plan to get at least 2 hotdogs per person.  We found we needed 2 for each kid, 3 for me, and 4 for my husband.  Even with this amount of hotdogs and a bag of chips each it was still the cheapest dinner we had our entire trip.

Most Unique Family Deserts, Fort Wayne Restaurants

Yummi Bunni Yummi Bunni Fort Wayne Restaurant

Address: 123 W Main St, Fort Wayne, IN 46802

If you are looking for a unique desert that the kids will love, then you have to head over to the Yummi Bunni.  Definitely try their signature treat the Yummi Bun.  This mouthwatering sugar blast is a glazed donut cut in half to represent a bun, a scoop of your choice ice cream, and finally topped off with a crunchy topping.  This stop is a perfect after dinner desert or for a hot afternoon pick me up.

Tip for Parents: 

Get 1 or 2 to split between everyone.  They are huge and will definitely give your kids a sugar rush.  

DeBrand Chocolates DeBrand Chocolate Fort Wayne Restaurant

Address: 5608 Coldwater Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46825 (2 other locations available also)

Do you like to splurge while on vacation but don’t want to overdo it?  Stop into one of the many DeBrand Fine Chocolate Fort Wayne locations and grab yourself a small but rewarding desert or treat.  DeBrand Chocolates are local chocolatiers that take pride in their work.  You can view a little of that work by taking a factory tour for a look behind the scenes.  For the location that we visited, they had 3 different times each week that you could schedule this tour for $5 per person.  The chocolate was some of the best and unique flavor selections that we have encountered but that comes with a price tag.  

Tip for Parents:

If you kids are like mine they will want to buy the whole store.  Learn from my mistake and set the ground rules before going in that they can only pick 1, 2, or whatever your number is.  Stick to your guns or you will quickly find yourself spending up to or more than a hundred dollars.  

Wrap Up!

Enjoying some local Family Friendly Fort Wayne Restaurants is definitely a treat when visiting or traveling through this city.  Try out our recommendations and let us know what you thought.

Do you have others we should add to the list to try next time?  Leave them in the comments below so that everyone will know where all the kid friendly Fort Wayne restaurants are located.  Plus we will have new selections to add to our list of Family Friendly Fort Wayne Restaurants Guide.  

Still trying to plan your next family vacation?  Check out our 12 Tips For Road Trips With Toddlers or our Tips and Tricks for Day Trips with Kids.  

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