Omaha, Nebraska is often a forgotten destination when planning a trip to the Midwest.  This is one of the many reasons that we here at Mommy And Me Travels decided to head out and explore all weekend in Omaha with our kids.  This weekend in Omaha guide will give you a complete itinerary of things to do in Omaha with kids to make the most of your weekend getaway adventure.

Some of these visited places were part of a sponsor trip.  Here at Mommy And Me Travels we always provide our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and/or experiences on topics, events, and/or products.  The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own. This post contains affiliate links which means I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you if you make a purchase using the links in this article.  Click here to see my disclaimer

Omaha Kid Friendly Hotels

Omaha Kid Friendly Hotels

Like every location with lots of places for kids to explore and do, there are several Omaha kid friendly hotels for you to choose from.  These here are just our short list of recommendations on places we stay when we travel to Omaha.

EVEN Hotel

EVEN Hotels

Have you heard of the EVEN Hotel?  This hotel is the newest chain in the IHG line.  This downtown kid friendly Omaha hotel boast about bringing travel and balance together.  Each room is large and has many items to help you keep up your daily workout routine within the room with items like strength bands, yoga equipment, and a spin bike.  Also you can enjoy their large fitness center, spin room, and swimming pool with lap lane. 

This downtown Omaha hotel has free WiFi, free parking, and the use of a free shuttle to nearby locations.  Since this hotel is so conveniently located, we were able to take the shuttle to most of our weekend activities.

The food options are great if you want to eat healthier while you travel.  We had breakfast every morning in the hotel and there was something for everyone to enjoy. We enjoy our stay at Even Hotels and definitely recommend choosing the Even Hotel in downtown Omaha for your weekend in family adventure.

Embassy Suites

Embassy Suites

I can’t recommend Embassy Suites hotels enough when traveling with a family.  The Embassy Suites Old Town Omaha is among some of the kid friendly hotels in Omaha gives all of the comforts that a traveling family can need.  You get a made to order breakfast every morning, free social hour in the evening, an indoor swimming pool, and fitness room.

We love the amount of room area that this hotel offers for families.  All rooms are “suites” and you can get a room with 2 queen beds that are separate from the living area.  This is great for those traveling with little kids but don’t want to go to bed at 8pm with them.

With everything that this Embassy Suites hotel offers from free wifi, spacious rooms, a swimming pool, convenient location to Old Town Omaha, free made to order breakfast, and a free evening social hour; your family can not go wrong staying at this Omaha kid friendly hotel.

Itinerary Planning For Things To Do In Omaha With Kids - Weekend Guide

Itinerary Planning For Things To Do In Omaha With Kids – Weekend Guide

Omaha has a lot to offer every type of traveler.  As you all know, Mommy And Me Travels focuses on family friendly activities in a location.  We discovered quickly there is more to do in Omaha than you can fit into one weekend.  That is ok though because we love road trips with our kids and plan to visit many more times. 

If you are like us you will be wanting to discover all of the Omaha kids activities on your weekend adventure.   We recommend on your first weekend in Omaha checking out the Omaha Children’s Museum, Omaha Zoo and Aquarium, Omaha Old Town, Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge, and the Amazing Pizza Machine. 

This might sound like a lot for one weekend in Omaha but hang with us through this article and we will give you the tips of how to accomplish it all and in what order we recommend for these fun things to do with kids in Omaha.  If you are need more tips and tricks for planning your transportation to Omaha, check out all of our family planning guides.

Weekend In Omaha Kickoff – Friday – Arrival Day

We all know travel days are busy and sometimes require a lot of sitting, either due to driving or flying.  When you arrive on Friday, late afternoon, you will want to plan somewhere to burn of the kids energy and let them have some fun.

This is the perfect time to visit The Amazing Pizza Machine.  This restaurant definitely falls into one of the most fun places to eat in Omaha.  It is the first stop on you family weekend adventure and our first recommendation of family activities in Omaha.  Here you will have dinner and fun covered all at one place.

The Amazing Pizza Machine

The Amazing Pizza Machine

If your kids are like mine they will love a visit to The Amazing Pizza Machine.  We decided to have dinner here so that we could play video games and ride rides afterwards.  The buffet was good and had many options available, even more than just pizza.

After dinner venture into the fun zone are.  For your younger kids there is a kids area that will entertain the smallest in your group.  My one and a half year old had an absolute blast in this area because the games and rides were perfect sized for him.

My eldest, six, loved the amount of options for ticket and video games.  There were so many that he didn’t even have to replay the same game a second time.  The rides of go carts, frog hop, laser tag, and virtual reality quickly become the hit of the evening for him.

This location definitely falls into the category of fun places to eat in Omaha with kids.  The Amazing Pizza Machine is worth visiting for a few hours and you won’t be disappointed.

3 Family Activities In Omaha That You Can Fit In One Day – Saturday

Saturday will be your only full day if you traveled into the area for a weekend in Omaha getaway.  That means you are going to want to accomplish everything possible in this day.  I recommend not over doing it.  If you try to squeeze too much into this day then you and the kids will both be exhausted and no one will actually enjoy the trip.  Today our suggestions of things for kids to do in Omaha is to visit the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, Old Town, and Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge.

Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

Do your kids love exploring zoos and aquariums?  Well this will be a real treat for them as they will be able to do both in one location.  This is why it is the first stop of Omaha kids attractions today. 

The Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium has the largest indoor desert and the largest indoor rainforest.  This means that a lot of the exhibits are indoors or covered so that even on rainy days you can easily enjoy the majority of this zoo without having to be outdoors in the rain for very long. 

Make sure you plan time to explore the entire 130 acres and all of the fun hands on children’s activities.  The Henry Doorly Zoo exhibits include; feeding the stingray, feeding the giraffes, playing on the park where the orangutans will run by and interact with your little ones, feed the goats, and watch the penguins get fed.  There is so much more than these few activities so ensure you explore it all and plan to spend the majority of the day at the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium.

Old Town Omaha

Old Town Omaha

After spending the day sightseeing at the Omaha zoo, step back in time at Old Town Omaha.  This section of town is quaint and well up kept.  The roads are paved in cobblestone, the buildings are well preserved, and this is the perfect spot to grab a bite to eat. 

The kid friendly restaurant we ate at is Upstream Brewing Company and definitely recommend visiting here.  The food was great (including the kid meal selections), service was superb, and atmosphere was top notch.  This was definitely a family friendly restaurant.  I do recommend skipping the deserts and heading over to the famous Ted & Wally’s Ice Cream Shop.

For a real family treat head over to Ted & Wally’s Ice Cream Shop.  The ice cream selection here was like none other that we have ever seen.  My favorite is the butterscotch heath, my sons both loved the vanilla bean with sprinkles, and my husband tried something that was mixed with coffee (sorry forgot the name).  The building is small and we found out that a line is to be expected.  Don’t let the line deter you though, it is definitely worth the wait (and the wait isn’t very long).

Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge

Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge

Wrap up your day of  things to do in Omaha with kids by visiting the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge.  This Omaha pedestrian bridge is the first foot bridge to connect two states.  It spans 3,000 feet across the Mississippi River. 

As you cross the Bob Kerrery pedestrian bridge there is a spot marked showing where Nebraska ends and Iowa begins.  This is a great place to take the kids and let them know that as they run back and forth across the line that they are in different states.  My sons enjoyed walking on the bridge, take pictures in both states, and then heading back to the splash pad on the Nebraska side. 

Visiting the Bob Kerrery Pedestrian Bridge doesn’t take very long which is why visiting after dinner to take a stroll and let your food digest is a perfect way to wrap up the day. Even with my young one walking, we were able to visit the Omaha pedestrian bridge and get our pictures in under an hour.  That even accounted for playing at the splash pad a little.

Final Day Of Visiting Omaha Kids Attractions – Sunday

The weekend activities of things to do in Omaha with kids has flown by and now it is time to think about heading home.  If you are flying, try to get a late afternoon flight so that you can visit one more spot before leaving.  Want to discover how your kids can fly for free on your trip?  We have put together a full list of what you need to know about kids flying free on Southwest.

If you are driving, plan to leave after you let your kids burn some energy at the Omaha Children’s Museum.  The museum can easily be an all-day adventure but since this is departure day you will only probably spend a morning here.  No worries you can see and explore the museum in a half a day, that is what we did.

Omaha Children’s Museum

Omaha Children’s Museum

The Omaha Children’s Museum is a must when bringing your kids to Omaha.  The interactive exhibits will keep your kids occupied for hours with play areas, ball areas, building areas, and traveling exhibits. 

You should plan on spending at least a half day here but really could stay and have plenty to occupy your little ones with for a full day.  Both of my boys favorite exhibit was the Science and Technology area that was full of ball machines that made the balls disappeared and then reappeared in different areas with the use of wind and pressure.  Don’t miss any of the activities and make sure you have a plan before rising by reading our Omaha Children’s Museum: Visit With Kids dedicated post.

Final Thoughts on Things To Do In Omaha With Kids - Weekend Guide

Final Thoughts on Things To Do In Omaha With Kids – Weekend Guide

We all know weekend getaways don’t let you explore the entirety of an area but this agenda will ensure that you and your little ones have a great time and experience some of the highlights of the area. 

Do you have other things for kids to do in Omaha activities you’d like to share?  Leave us a comment below and help everyone discover the greatness of this often forgotten Midwest destination.

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