St Louis… Are you ready to be scared?  Halloween is my second favorite holiday and one of my favorite activities during this time is finding “spoooooky” places to visit and explore (yes, I’m looking for haunted houses).  St Louis is a great location for finding all types of activities to fill the spooky Halloween months.  This article is going to highlight the spooky, scary, and downright terrifying event of Scarefest in St Louis.  Without further ado, lets go on a spooky adventure!

Scarefest St Louis – HAUNTED HOUSE

You might ask, what is this thing you call scarefest?  Scarefest is the name given to cover the 3 top haunted houses in St Louis and 1 themed escape room.  The St Louis Scarefest haunted houses are, The Darkness, Creepyworld, and the Lemp Brewery.   For 2019, Scarefest will run from 13 Sep 19 with the opening of The Darkness through the first weekend in November 2019. Also, don’t forget to download the snapchat codes so that you can play with making yourself into a zombie.  Here are a few of my spooky attempts, hahaha.  More information can be found at


Location: 1525 South 8th Street, St Louis, MO 63104

The Darkness is St Louis longest running haunted house and will be opening for its 26th year on Friday the 13th (13 Sep 19).  This really is the best day of the year to start St Louis Halloween 2019.  For 2019, The Darkness is featuring multiple spooky activities all in one location.  Features included are Zombie Laser Tag, TerrorVisions, and Horror Party Room.  The Darkness is rated as one of America’s Top Haunted Houses and is expected to be more terrifying this year than all previous years.  We visited on opening night and had a very spooky experience.  I recommend getting tickets for all of the different areas, the darkness, the hive, and the 3 minute escape room.  I hope you guys do better than we did in the escape room as we didn’t complete it, LOL.  For cost and the most up-to-date information visit their website 

Tip For Parents:

This St Louis haunted house really is set up to scare you and definitely the kids.  In my opinion, only those kids 12 and older should attend unless you have a really, really fearless child under that age.  


Location: 1400 S. Old Hwy 141, Fenton, MO 63026

Creepyworld St Louis boast about being America’s longest haunted “screampark” and opens this year on 20 Sep 19.  Featured areas for 2019, Quarantine Zombie Experience, Hornbuckel Pic Farm, the Doll House, Camp Blood, Carnivorous in 3D, the Dark Zone, Supermax, Krampus and the Haunted Hospital.  New this year, Creepyworld has added the Brigantine Asylum and Moster Midway.   These are part of the 13 different haunted house themes.  Bonus included in the price, is you can also take a haunted hayride through the scariest “neighborhood” in town, corn mazes and haunted houses.  For cost and the most up-to-date information visit their website

Tip For Parents:

With the numerous different activities under one location, I say to use your best judgment in deciding what your kids can handle.  I take my younger kids on the hayride and corn maze.  In my opinion, only kids 12 and older should go inside the “screampark” unless you have a really, really fearless child under that age.


Location: 3500 Lemp Avenue, St Louis, MO 63118

The Lemp Brewery Haunted House is in the famous Lemp caves deep underground inside the old lemp brewery and is opening on 27 Sep 19.  This year is a total re-haul and is ready to scare the socks off all that attend in the House of Occult.  This haunted house is much darker than the other two.  After descending the staircase, you will find yourself confused with mazes, inside pitch black cavern areas, and might even come face to face with ghost and demons.  In addition to the underground haunted house, the Lemp Brewery Mansions itself is famous across America as being authentically haunted and featured by nation wide media networks.  For cost and the most up-to-date information visit their website

Tip For Parents:

During the Lemp Brewery Haunted House is one of the only times throughout the year that you can visit these underground caves and see all the old history.  However, it is still a haunted house in the scarefest lineup.  Use your best judgment here and if your kids scare easily maybe wait a year or two before visiting for the historical aspect.  In my opinion, only those kids 12 and older should attend unless you have a really, really fearless child under that age.

Final Thoughts!

In addition to these three haunted house you can also visit a themed escape room (opened year round) and then you’ll round out the Scarefest experience.  These places are great if you have older kids or teenagers that you are looking to spend some time with but as I mentioned above these are probably not a good place to take your younger kids.  When I experienced a couple of these it was with my mother and I have decided against taking my young children into any of these St Louis Scarefest Haunted Houses.  With that said, I defintely recommend checking these haunted houses out as they are well known as being spooky, scary, and down right terrifying.  The Darkness and Creepyworld have been featured national more than any other haunted house in America.  Maybe a good date night with your significant other.  Parents need a break to have fun too!

***Photo credits to Scarefest provided to media****

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