Having kids means that at one time or another you will be on the hunt for a portable car seat for travel that is easily used for taxi rides, uber travel, and shuttle transports that will keep your children safe while at home or traveling around the globe.  

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Trust me when I say, I have lugged the traditional heavy car seats around airports, trains, into rental cars, and I know it is not fun but we do anything to keep our kids safe.  If you have come upon my ridesafer travel vest review it is probably because you are looking for a portable toddler car seat or booster seat alternative for traveling. I am beyond delighted to share with you the ride safer travel car seat vest that’s secure and easily portable.  Click here for pricing and information on Ride Safer Delight Travel Vest.  

Ride Safer Travel Vest Overview

The Ride Safer Travel Vest is an alternative to booster seats because it is a portable car seat for 3 year olds + and over 30lbs (this is the small ride safer vest).  This car seat vest comes in 2 sizes, small and large.  The RideSafer is a unique childrens safety vest that makes sure the seat belt for kids is properly aligned by having design elements that are optimized for vehicle seat belts to ensure correct fit and protection for your child.

The Ride Safer Travel Vest meets the standards for motor vehicle safety for the United States, meaning it is legal to use this lightweight toddler car seat vest for vehicle travel.  Internationally children usually need to be raised up to meet the international standards for motor safety so the ridesafer vest is not currently certified in Europe.  Since we use this travel vest as our booster seat alternatives, I plan to use the vest in conjunction with this UberBoost Inflatable Booster Car Seat during our trips to Europe.  I highly encourage you to research the laws and regulations of the country you are planning to visit.  Click here to get the best car seat for travel vest now!

Using the Ride Safer Car Seat Harness

The small delight travel vest is a travel car seat for 3 year olds and older that is also over 30lbs.  Before using this car seat harness you need to ensure that your young child will sit properly in their seat for the entire ride.  I was able to accomplish this with my youngest by using the optional (also highly recommended by us) top tether strap.  The tether strap kept my little man from being able to lean forward and play while in the ride safe vest. 

This travel toddler car seat is so comfortable that my little man fell asleep on our most recent 45 minute Uber ride from the airport to our cruise ship. (Grab your 7 day cruise family packing check list here for your next trip).  The tether strap kept him upright and ensured he was still in the proper position in case something unexpected happened during our ride.

The unique design of the safe rider vest means that the seatbelt always remains in the correct position on your child.  The design keeps the shoulder seatbelt away from your kids neck and keeps the lap belt on your kids lap and not across their stomach.  There is also a crotch strap that is optional but can be used to keep the vest from riding up on your child.  We like this option as it helps my son feel comfortable while using this best travel vest for toddlers on longer trips.  Click here to see the latest prices on this car seat harness.
Check out our YouTube video on how quick and easy this lightweight travel car seat for toddlers vest is installed!

Getting Ready for Your First Trip with the RideSafer Travel Vest

Since we only use the ride safer delight travel vest while traveling, we like to ensure that the vest is properly fitted the night before our flight (no the vest is not certified for air travel).

We pull out this lightweight toddler car seat and place it on our little one.  I adjust all the straps to ensure that the lower panel is over the tops of his thighs.  We also choose to use the optional crotch strap so that the back doesn’t ride up while in use (this is purely for our little ones comfort).  After adjusting the travel car seat vest we head out to our car and have him sit in a regular seat to make sure everything is positioned correctly before our trip.  Once you get all the kids seat belt vest straps properly configured you can now remove the vest (don’t move any straps) and store in your carryon luggage for use when you land at your destination.

How to use the Ride Safer Vest

We like to use Uber/Lift when available at our destination and when not available then taxi’s.  If you have a traditional car seat you will have to wait for the vehicle to arrive before you can have your child ready to go.  That is not the case with the ride safer delight travel car seat vest.  Once we order our Uber/Lift or taxi, we then pull out the lightweight travel vest and get our son into it.  Since we have already pre-adjusted all straps it is easy to have him slip it on and get buckled up. 

How to install the Best Travel Car Seat for Toddlers Once the Car Arrives 

  1. Place your little one in the seat (our preference is on the side with a shoulder strap) and buckle the seatbelt as normal.  
  2. Feed the seatbelt through the vest leg and shoulder metal clasp.  
  3. Finally, secure the tether strap to the anchor point and the hooks above the shoulders. Pull tight to remove an excess slack.  (This is optional but as stated above, highly recommended by us)

Now your little one is secure and you are ready to go.

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Pros and Cons of the Safe Rider Delight Travel Vest


  • Material is well made and built to last
  • Perfect for a family on the go as a travel car seat
  • Compact and takes up very little carryon space
  • Lightest toddler car seat
  • Feels more secure than a regular booster and provides more support for your kiddos
  • Adjustable sizing allows for multiple year use 
  • Optional Tether makes this mommy feel like Josh is extremely secure
  • Maintains proper seatbelt positioning 
  • Available in 2 sizes to ensure proper fit
  • I know of nothing else that is as light, secure, and compact as this travel car seat vest


  • Can take some practice to get the hang of adjusting just right
  • The optional headrest takes up a lot of space that we don’t see as a required piece (as you see we didn’t mention it anywhere else on the review)
  • Not permitted to use on airlines
  • I don’t care for the travel bag provided, I recommend using something more compact like a medium packing cube
  • If your child is not a willing participant in getting the vest on it becomes a tiresome task
  • Not certified for European travel without regular booster seat

Final thoughts on the Lightest Toddler Carseat: Ride Safer Delight Travel Vest

I’m sure you can tell by now that we love the Ride Safer Delight Travel Vest and find it to be the best travel car seat for toddlers.  We are so happy that we found this product and have used it several times as our go to portable travel car seat.  We feel this to be the safest and most convenient alternative to using a heavy traditional car seat or hoping that one we rent at our destination is clean, accident free, and properly installed. 

We understand that is might seem a little pricy at first, but if you like to travel or even if you just need one for occasional carpooling I cannot recommend this travel vest car seat enough.  It is a perfect choice as something to keep in your purse or backpack while you are out exploring and need to have something on hand that you can easily secure your child with. 

If you live in a place like New York City where many families don’t keep a car, it is perfect for those pop up times when you need to hail a cab.  Want to check out other options that are a little cheaper?  Explore and shop the range of mifold compact, safe and portable car booster seats. Ideal for travel.

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