Up And Away Adventures is a bi-monthly travel box subscription for families. It was started by two friends who love to travel and learn about different cultures. The company is focused on curating a family friendly and educational experience.

We love world boxes that allow us to travel from home in-between our family vacations. Up And Away Adventures international subscription boxes do just that by getting the entire family involved through sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and things to touch. We also featured it in our list of Travel Subscription Boxes For Family.

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What To Expect From Your Up And Away Adventures Geography Subscription Box

Up And Away Adventures is a geography subscription box that will focus on a different country in each suitcase. You can expect to receive each world travel box bi-monthly. Your adventure box is packed full of family fun activities focusing on the culture, cuisine, people, and geography of that months suitcase. There is enough items in each world box that your family will enjoy the fun and educational experience over two days (recommended 2-day itinerary included). Click here to get yours now!

Benefits Of Up And Away Adventures Box

Travel subscription boxes are a wonderful way for you to teach your kids about the world. Here are a few benefits that we enjoy about the Up And Away Adventure Box:

  • Your child will get to learn about different countries and cultures through travel without leaving home.
  • These suitcases are a great addition as a homeschool subscription box. Even if you don’t homeschool your kids, they are bound to learn something amazing.
  • Each world box is educational!
  • Great activity that promotes screen free time.
  • Perfect to give as a gift on special occasions such as birthdays or holidays.

Our Experience With Up And Away Adventure Travel Box Subscription

We were gifted an Up And Away Adventure box that was focused on the country of Brazil. This actually is quite perfect because we are planning a family vacation to Brazil after the pandemic is over. This got my boys super excited to dig into the activities so that they can help with planning our family vacation from what they discover this geography box. We spent hours and hours enjoying the crafts, toys, cooking, and videos.

Inside Our Welcome To Brazil Kids Travel Box

Our Brazil kids travel box really was multi-sensory and included all of the smells, sights, sounds, tastes, and things to touch just like the company claimed it would. This travel subscription box really is guaranteed to stimulate all of your children’s senses.


  • Coconut Smell – Yes our box smelled like coconuts when we opened it.


  • Passport/Sticker – This is a fun quick activity that teaches your kids that you need a passport to travel to international countries. The sticker is the “stamp” to enter the country through immigrations.
  • Brazil Flag – My son loved the large flag that was included. He has seen our countries flag many of times and he was very interested how different the Brazil flag is.
  • Postcard – Pictured on our postcard as The Christ Redeemer statue. This picture is unmistakably one of Brazil’s most well known treasures.
  • Memory Card Game – Both of my boys enjoyed this game. While playing they were able to learn 10 exciting facts about the sights and activities in Brazil.
  • Carnival Mask – Brazil is well known for its annual carnival festival. The boys loved wearing the mask provided and learning about this remarkable festival.


  • Maracas – What child doesn’t love to shake maracas? I know this included toy was the absolute favorite for each of my boys. As a mom, I loved that there was 2 included which meant no fighting, LOL.
  • Videos – Included with your box is a link and passwords to videos about the destination. These videos really do enhance the experience and everyone in the family enjoyed them.


  • Candy – Our Brazil kids travel box included 2 pieces of Pacoquinha snack. This was a ground peanut candy roll that is a favorite snack in Brazil. We have never had this before and so it was a special treat for my boys.
  • Recipe Cards – Our family loves to cook! We even get Around The World Food Boxes delivered every month. The recipes included in our box covered the vibrant cuisine in Brazil and was a favorite weekend treat when we made them.

Things To Touch

  • Salt Dough Map – This was a fun activity that my youngest especially enjoyed when creating and learning about Brazil while constructing the map.
  • Wooden Airplane – As a traveling family, my boys loved the toy airplane. While it is recommended to watch the video about the “Father Of Aviation”, my boys much preferred the painting of the airplane.
  • RainForest Activity Set – This set is great for kids of all ages to include toddlers. The set comes with coloring pages, color pencils, and a sticker book.
  • Soccer Fidget Spinner – This is a super cute toy. My boys love fidget spinners and they really enjoyed that it was shaped as a soccer ball since they boy enjoy the sport so much. Fun Fact: Soccer in Brazil is called Futbol.

Watch Grayson as he unboxes our Brazil Up And Away Adventure Box For Kids here:

Wrap Up Of Our Review Of Up And Away Adventures Box For Kids

We really enjoyed the Up And Away Adventure box that we received to review. If you are looking for a multi-sensory box or a fun homeschool subscription box addition, you definitely want to check out the Up And Away Adventure travel box. Click here to see all of the available options!

Quick Recap – On a Bi-Monthly basis you will receive a carefully curated and researched case filled to the brim with information and entertaining items surrounding that month’s particular country. Each travel subscription box suitcase is packed full of sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and things to touch, guaranteed to stimulate your children’s senses. Get your Up And Away Adventure Box now!

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Review Of Up And Away Adventures Travel Box For Kids

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