Las Vegas is one of those locations known around the world as a fun adult spot to visit and play.  But did you know, you can still have a great Las Vegas family vacation with your kids?  Mommy And Me Travels put that theory to the test and took off on a weekend get away to Las Vegas and found those exact places for what to do in Vegas with kids for you.  We discovered that it is possible to have an adult and kid friendly trip without missing out on any of those “fun” things we look forward to in Las Vegas. 

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Spoiler Alert – If you are looking for family activities in Las Vegas around the Strip this is the post for you, but if you are looking for how to take your family to the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, or Red Rock then you will have to wait for our  future post.  This is an article about how to truly enjoy Las Vegas central and not the surrounding areas on your family trip to Vegas.

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Kid Friendly Shows In Vegas

One of the ‘must do’ items for most people when they enjoy a Las Vegas family vacation is to take in a show.  I totally agree that this is an experience you don’t want to miss.  What you might not be tracking on is which ones are kid friendly shows in Vegas.  We spent a weekend here and found 2 Las Vegas shows for kids that were entertaining for my boys and enjoyable for us adults.  Las Vegas Budget TipCheck out to see if you can save money on your show tickets.

Potted Potter – Las Vegas Kid Friendly Show

Potted Potter can be watched by visiting Bally’s Casino (part of the Caesar chain).  This show takes a unique spin on condensing all 7 Harry Potter books into 70 minutes of comedy.  You will also get to see/play in a real life “Quidditch game”.  My young boys laughed through the entire show. 

Note for parents –  The humor is very much geared towards children and many adults may not find the show funny at all.  But watching all the children in the room (and in particular, my own boys) laughing so hard and so long makes it all worthwhile.  My kids truly enjoyed this Las Vegas kid friendly show.

Mystere by Cirque du Soleil – Las Vegas Shows For Kids

What is Las Vegas family vacation if you don’t catch a Cirque du Soleil show?  Mystere by Cirque du Soleil (located at Treasure Island Casion) is one of those Las Vegas shows for kids that allows you to experience the high flying acrobatics, powerful balancing displays, and beyond belief tumbling show that you have been dreaming about on your visit.  Definitely plan a stop by Treasure Island Casino to check out Mystere during your search for kids friendly shows in Vegas.

Kid Activities In Las Vegas On The Strip

Las Vegas is well known for the Strip of casinos and all of the fun adult activities that you can enjoy during your trip.  What you might not be tracking on is the fun things to do in Las Vegas for kids and how to still experience the Strip and other casinos during your stay.

Take A Stroll Along The Vegas Strip With Your Kids

The Las Vegas Strip has so many unique places to visit that you can’t find anywhere else in the USA.  If your kids are like mine, they still get up early and don’t want to be cooped up in a hotel room. 

Early morning is a great time to head out to the strip with your kids.  On our family trip to Vegas, we enjoyed an entire morning of taking a “fashion” walk along the strip.  There are different stair cases that are painted with fun designs,  many sculptures to take pictures with, and hidden coves to explore.  Not only will you have hours of entertainment you will also be burning off energy so that your kids can nap well. 

If you plan to go out to the strip in the afternoon, don’t miss the numerous water fountain shows that your kids can watch.  These shows are usually played to music while the water ‘dances’ making it a free and fun entertainment activity.

Parent Tip  

The Las Vegas Strip is great for your kids in the morning and afternoon.  You should plan your activities to complete on the Strip by about 5pm.  After 5pm the strip is less kid friendly and you should definitely consider finding other activities off strip.

Adventure Dome – Las Vegas Attractions For Kids

Adventure Dome is attached to the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino.  If you are looking for a Las Vegas attractions for kids that are sure to excite your little ones, definitely plan a stop to the Adventure Dome.  Here you will find rides, games, and entertainment that will occupy several hours or possibly even an entire day of your family trip to Las Vegas with fun activities.  It can be hard to find things to do in Vegas with toddlers but you will find plenty to occupy them with at the Adventure Dome.  As long as your little one is 32 inches tall, they will be able to partake in numerous fun rides: like the frog hop, helicopters, spinning racers, bumper cars, and so much more.   Click here to get more more information about the activities at the Adventure Dome.

Parent Tip

There are arcade games inside the Adventure Dome that you are able to earn tickets from for prizes.  There is a small place to cash in the tickets next to the games.  However, I recommend you check out the other redemption area which is located on the opposite side of the casino.  You will have to walk through the casino and then up the stairs to find it.  Also, there are many, many more games for you to play upstairs then inside the Adventure Dome.  So the upstairs location might be where you would consider taking your kids that are a little older during your Vegas family vacation.

Kid Friendly Hotels In Las Vegas

Las Vegas continues to get more and more kid friendly as the years pass but the Strip is still mainly geared towards adults after dark.  This means that you should probably seek to find a kid friendly hotels in Vegas that are off of the Strip.  There are so many family friendly hotels in Las Vegas that I don’t think you will have a problem finding one that will meet your family needs.  Here are the kids frienldy ones that we visited during our family trip to Vegas but this is to just get you an idea of the variety available to plan your Las Vegas family vacation.

Embassy Suites – Kid Friendly Hotels In Vegas

If you are like many, you probably first think about all of the casino hotels in Las Vegas to start planning your trip.  This is ok, but if you are really looking for just kid friendly hotels in Vegas then think of all the other places that you stay when you travel to other locations.  Bonus TipFind out how to get M-Life Gold and Caesar Diamond status here.    

We stayed just off strip at the Embassy Suites.  We love embassy suites because of the made to order breakfast, evening happy hours, and two room family suites that are included in the room rate.  In addition, the Embassy Suites by the Convention Center has an indoor pool and shuttle to the strip which makes this a great location for year round travel when looking for kid friendly hotels in Vegas.


Station Casino Hotels – Kid Friendly Hotels In Las Vegas

If you really had your heart set on staying in a casino hotel during your trip then I would recommend checking out the Station Casino Hotels (there are many in this family).  There is truely no kid friendly casinos in Las Vegas because of the age required to gamble.  However, if you are looking for a place for your kids while you gamble then these are the best kid friendly hotels in Las Vegas.

We visited Boulder Station Casino and the reason I would stay at one of the Station Casinos is due to the large Kids Clubs that are available at these locations.  This is also the place to bring your kids even if you aren’t staying at a Station Casino Hotel but you want a night to try your luck gambling at one of the many table games offered or pull a lever on a slot machine. 

The Kids Clubs at Boulder Station Casino  is secure, clean, and enjoyable for your little ones.  Your kids will get to play at a park, climb on obstacles and ride down slides, run around and burn energy, do arts and crafts, play video games, and so much more . 

There is a cost for your kids to participate at Kids Clubs but is reasonably priced.  They charge about $10-$11 (in 2020) per child per hour and less with a military discount, so plan for that.  For us, it was definitely worth it to know that our kids were in good hands, in a clean environment, and we could have some adult casino time that we were looking for on our Las Vegas family vacation.  Click here to get the most up-to-date information about the Kids Clubs at Station Casinos.

Parent Tip

The Kids Clubs require you to bring your kids shot records to verify they are up-to-date on all their shots.  They will take a picture of the records, a printed copy, or an email.  If you forget, don’t worry.  You can provide them a copy within the next 3 days so your kids can still stay and play.  Note: If you plan to drop them off for more than 3 days or come back on a later trip, they will not be able to stay without the shot records.

Wrap Up Of Las Vegas Family Vacation

Visiting Las Vegas with kids is totally doable and can be enjoyable for both the parents and the kids.  I hope this article has given you ideas on what to do in Vegas with kids and how tow to locate those family fun activities.  Do you have other Las Vegas attractions for kids?  Leave them in the comments so we can explore them on our next Las Vegas family vacation.  (Picture Bonus: the Flamingo Casino has a great outdoor walking path with waterfalls and animals for the kids to explore and visit.)

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