Mommy And Me Travels is excited to bring our followers an amazing opportunity to gain inspiration from a wide range of local and international family travel experts on how to plan your next family adventure.  With the help of some amazing bloggers (all Mommies!), I will be sharing travel tips from our experiences at Mommy And Me Travels as well as the wisdom of the other Mommy expert travelers.  

Over the next eight weeks, the focus of this series will be on “Planning A Family Vacation”.  

So what does that mean for you?  Well that means we (the MOMs) will be providing our best collective tips on things such as: 

Selecting A Destination
Saving Money On Transportation
Choosing Accommodations
Sightseeing And Activities
Packing Tips
Saving Money On Food While Traveling
Road Trip Tips
International Travel Tips
Making Memories With Your Family

This post is to introduce you to the women who will be contributing to this exciting series.  Without further ado: 

Meet this amazing Mommy from Full Time Field Trip:

Regina Kay is a full-time world explorer, wife, and mother of five awesome travel kids. Regina is the creator and author of, a family travel blog. She is a travel writer specializing in budget travel, family travel, and parenting while traveling with kids. Life-long travel experience combined with a passion for connecting people to information, Regina brings you in-depth, thorough, real-world tips to make your life easier and your travels exceptional. When she’s not a packing ninja or travel planning guru, she’s learning how to take better pictures or playing house rules Uno with her family. Check out her blog at Full Time Field Trip

Meet this amazing Mommy from Yorkshire Wonders:

Nikki writes Yorkshire Wonders, a UK family travel blog that reviews local days out as well as holidays in the UK, Europe and Disney World in Florida.  Nikki grew up and lives in the UK but has also lived in the US and the Middle East at different times of her life.  This has given her an eternal wanderlust and a desire to share the world with her children.  Check out her blog at

Meet this amazing Mommy from Mommy And Me Travels:

HI ALL!  You know me already, Tiffany, and I started my blog in hopes of inspiring other parents to get out and travel with their children.  I have 2 wonderful travel companions!  My little man is 5 years old and my baby man is 1.5 years old.  We love to go on “adventures”.  Our mission is to provide reviews, guidance, and helpful tips to traveling parents through first hand experiences.  As always, we invite you to follow us around the world via our social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Meet this amazing Mommy from Captivating Compass:

Shannan is passionate traveler & homeschooling mom. She learns on location all over Europe with her 3 favorite travel buddies. Shannan is the writer at family travel & digital homeschool blog. She blogs about affordable family travel and digital homeschooling while traveling with kids. Her 20+ years of travel experience along with a passion to connect family travel destinations with educational resources,  Shannan brings you inspirational family travel and digital homeschool resources to help you learn on location throughout Europe. When she’s not planning the next learn on location travel adventure, you’ll find her walking country paths in Scotland.  Check out her blog at

Meet this amazing Mommy from Gadsventure:

Hi!  I’m a mum from Australia, wife, nurse, mother of 4 kids.  Our boys are 7 and 9, and our girls 5 and 1.5.  We are about to head to Bali in March!  It’s the first stop on our round the world trip which hopefully will last around 2 years.  It’s a lifestyle change that we need.  Life is too short.  Check out her blog at Gadsventure

Meet this amazing Mommy from Disabled Disney:

Melissa Temple is a disabled wife and mother of one brave and gorgeous daughter from the U.S.A. Melissa is the creator and lead author of A blogging adventure she started with her husband of 19 years, David Temple. Melissa specializes in disability travel with kids and as an adult couple. Melissa loves to go to Disneyland with her husband, daughter and any other friends and family that want to tag along. She also likes to explore her home state of Arizona. When she’s not planning or going to Disneyland, she loves to read and do crafts.  Check out her blog at

Meet this amazing Mommy from State By State: 

Sarah is a full-time RV traveler that has been traveling the US with her husband and three children, ages 11, 9, and 6, for the past 2.5 years. She loves sharing awesome, family friendly, and budget wise destinations on her website Sarah also enjoys sharing tips on traveling full-time with kids and money saving ideas too. When not traveling or exploring new locations and making incredible memories together, their family loves playing board games, building forts, and hanging out around the campfire.  Check out her blog at State By State

Meet this amazing Mommy from World Wise Kid:

Deborah is the mom of 2 inquisitive homeschool kids, an environmental educator and writer of the family travel blog Our goal is to encourage global understanding and perspective through contemplating, comparing, calculating, speculating, and discussion inspired by travel destinations. Each post poses 3 open-ended questions for great dinnertime conversation and learning! Follow our travels this year through Thailand, Italy, Greece, France and Spain. When Deborah isn’t framing the next learning experiences, she can be found on the California coast tidepooling, sea kayaking and playing beach volleyball.  Check out her blog at

Meet this amazing Mommy from Go Fam Go:

Yamy Hartsough is the creator and main blogger of, a multi-generational family travel blog where she chronicles her family’s adventures and shares guides and tips that she learns along the way. With her background in healthcare as a registered nurse, she also writes articles from the perspective of traveling with young children and a terminally ill elderly member of the family. When she is not traveling and has a break from taking care of the kids, she dabbles with photography and freelance design.  Check out her blog at Go Fam Go

Meet this amazing Mommy from Grab My Passport:

Shannon Elizabeth is the creator and voice behind Grab My Passport, a family-focused travel blog. By day, she is a Senior Project Manager, with a background in architecture and interior design. By night, she is a freelance writer, photographer, wanna-be-DIY’er, and a perpetually wanderlusting traveler. Established originally while living overseas in Europe, and now based in the United States with two young kiddos in tow, her blog brings practical tips, itineraries, travel budgeting hacks, and inspiration to everyday families like you.  Check out her blog at

Meet this amazing Mommy from Tips From A Typical Mom:

Hi, I’m Annette Belnap and I blog at Tips From a Typical Mom. I am a wife and mother to 5 kids and I love to share things that make mom’s life easier! I share family friendly recipes, family travel tips, parenting tips, cleaning tips and product reviews. Annette lives in Utah with her family and loves to go hiking in the mountains. 

Meet this amazing Mommy from World For A Girl:

Kirsty is a British family travel blogger currently living in sunny Malaysia. She has travelled to over 100 countries including 25 with her young children. Her family travel blog “World for a Girl” takes a unique look at travelling the world in a more inclusive way. With a passion for unusual family travel destinations, Kirsty has visited countries as diverse as Kosovo, Iceland and Myanmar with her children. She aims to provide an honest account of the challenges and joys of travelling as a family.  Her posts blend family travel tips and itineraries with a lesser-explored world of inspirational female explorers, women’s history and global feminist issues.   Check out her blog at World For A Girl

Meet this amazing Mommy from Dandelion Seeds:

A published writer, positive parenting educator, wellness advocate, and world traveler, Sarah shares her passions on her blog, She feels most “grounded” when she’s flying; looking at the world from above is a wonderful way to keep perspective in check. A homeschool mom, she also works in multiple classrooms throughout the week, including that of an internationally renowned early childhood educator. She invites you to join her on her travel, wellness, and positive parenting journeys.  Check out her blog at

If you are busting at the seams to get some tips, check out our post on Day Trips With Kids.  

Stay tune each week as we will be providing valuable insight from the international travel families! 

Meet The Mommies

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