We are asked all the time what are your must have travel items when traveling as a family.  You are in luck because I decided to put together this list for all of my reads so you too can travel like a pro.  Here is our top 8 Family Must Have Travel Items that I believe is worth you spending your hard earned dollars.  These are great travel must haves for you to buy for your family or as gifts for friends going traveling with their kids.  All of these useful travel accessories are easy for you to get with your Amazon Prime membership (means no shipping cost 😉 ).

Travel Car Seat, Portable Car Seat, Ride Safer

1st Family Must Have Travel Items is a Great Piece of Luggage – EBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible 

To start your traveling off right you need to find the perfect bag.  Here at Mommy And Me Travels we like to travel as much as possible with a carryon only.  Not only will this save you money on many flights but it also will save you time at the airport from having to check it in to waiting to pick it off the carousel at your destination.  Not to mention that it ensures all of your items arrive with you.  We love the eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible due to the numerous travel items that it will fit, the compression feature to make it still carryon size, and the fact that it can be carried like a backpack or rolled like a suitcase.  For the adults there is a larger bag but for the kids there is a junior version to allow them to more easily manage their own items.  Get your EBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible family travel must have bag here with Amazon Prime.

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2nd Travel Must Haves for Families is Packing Cubes (Both Compression and Non Compression) 

Now that you have a bag, you need to pack it.  That is why our 2nd family travel item must have is packing cubes.  We love that compression packing cubes allow you to pack a little bit more than you would and compress the items down to fit snuggly into a bag.  Not only are these packing cubes great for packing for travel but they are a great way to keep organized during your travels.  The travel packing cubes can be removed from your bag and used in draws or on shelves as draws to keep everything organized.  If you buy several colors (that’s what we do) then you can give every family member their own color and it makes it easy for kids to know where and how to located their travel items and toys.  We use 2 different types of packing cubes in our family to allow for the maximum item types we can pack to keep organized.  Our favorites for compress are the Compression Packing Cubes, Gonex Extensible Storage Mesh Bags Organizers, and our favorite for items that need to be non-squashed are Idesort Packing Cubes.  Get them both on Amazon Prime.

3rd Family Travel Must Have Item is a Travel Car Seat / Booster

We travel with younger kids and know the importance of a great travel car seat or booster seat.  Until very recently I was one of those parents with a cart that pulled a heavy car seat through the airport, well not any more.  I have found and highly recommend getting a travel vest.  The Ride Safer Travel Vest has changed the way we travel!  (Check out our Ride Safer Delight Travel Vest Review for full details)  Now I am able to pack my youngest kids portable car seat into my carryon bag.  Yes, you read that right, in my carryon bag!  For my oldest he is able to sit in a regular booster seat so we use and love the Mifold Grab and Go. This booster is compressed to take little space but expands to fit your child’s bottom.  With these 2 travel car seats being so portable and travel friendly we never have to worry about lugging heavy car seats through airports again! 

4th Useful Travel Accessories are Reusable Water Bottles – One For Each Family Member

Reusable water bottles are more of useful travel accessories than necessity.  The reason these make the travel items must have list is because there are numerous benefits to bringing your own bottle that will save you a lot of money.  If you purchase the portable and compressible ones then they will not take up a lot of space but will be a life saver when you don’t want to spend $2+ on a bottle of water.  With the TSA now allowing no liquids great than 3oz through security, these reusable water bottles are great to fill up once in the terminal (many terminals now have filtered water bottle fills attached to water fountains).  First time use will save a family of 4 over $10 at the airport.  Imagine if you fill that bottle up more than once 😉 .  These bottles are also useful travel accessories at hotels.  Normally water is free during dining and this allows you to fill the whole bottle with ice and water to take back to your room or out with you when your heading on a family adventure.  The two types of reusable and collapsible water bottles we use are Kupton Portable Travel Water Bottle for the adults and Collapsible 19 Oz Ball Shaped Leak Proof Shockproof for the kids.

5th Essential Travel Items that make the list is a Portable Charger

In our world of technology having a way to charge your electronics is a essential.  That is the reason that our fifth essential travel item is a portable charger.  Portable chargers are great to have for long flights when you have no where to plug in your electronic items (such as those great deal economy seats you snagged during an awesome sale). We like the Portable Charger Anker PowerCore 20100mAh as it usually last for days and we can charge multiple devices at once.  If you are looking for one for just a flight you can definitely purchases a smaller essential travel item for portable charging such as the EasyAcc 20000mAh Portable Charger.  Either way you decided you go, these are definitely an item you need to add to your family must have travel items list. 

6th On the List of Travel Must Haves is a Universal Adaptor

If you have ever traveled outside the USA you know that not all countries use the same currency for electric.  Instead of buying multiple adaptors for each location, invest in a great universal adaptor to meet all of your travel needs.  We consider this one of the top travel must haves if you plan to leave the USA.  Make sure that all of your electronics have a cord that reads at least 110/220.  This will ensure that you don’t need a transformer to use them.  If you can only purchase one travel must have right now, make it this one.  We like to use a larger one that has multiple plugs and USB ports.  The useful travel accessory that we use is the SAUNORCH Universal International Travel Adapter for all of the reasons mentioned above.  Another  smaller option that we have seen recommend is the JOOMFEEN Travel Adapter, Worldwide.  Personally, I think either of these travel essential items would be a great investment.

7th Must Have Travel Item for Parents With Young Kids is a Great Travel Stroller

If you are like us and travel with young kids you know the value of a good stroller.  For a long time I was one of those parents that had a large stroller that either had to be checked in at the counter or as a gate check.  Not anymore!  After lots and lots of research, I have found strollers that are approved on most (not all) major airlines as an item that’s allowed to be carried on the plane and put in the overhead bins.  I’m sure that has many of my readers attention.  This must have travel item is Gb Pockit Air All Terrain stroller.  If you have kids even younger than you can use the GB Pockit Go + Stroller Bundle which will allow you to travel with an infant seat and then grow with your kiddo into the travel stroller.  Both are compact and light making these define travel must haves!

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8th On the List of Useful Travel Accessories for Families  is some type of Kids Electronic

Many of you may cringe at the thought of giving your kids an electronic to keep them entertained, but I’m here to tell you that one of the most useful items for long plane or car rides is an electronic device to hold your kids attention.  I recommend if you are a parent that limits screen time that you do this at the location you’re traveling to as to help make the actual travel part of the trip more enjoyable for all (just my opinion).  We like our Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet as they came with a 1 year FreeTime Pass which the kids loved.  This mommy likes the 2 year worry free warranty that is included.  Kids can be rough on items but this Kids Tablet will be replaced easily.  If you are looking for the same fun with just a little less memory (and price tag) check out the Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet.

Final Thoughts!

You have asked and we have answered, these are the travel items we use and don’t leave home without.  If you are looking to purchase multiple travel items or just one, you should definitely check out all of these items for your family.  Most have changed the way we travel for the better.  Travel like a pro with these useful travel accessories, essential travel items, and travel must haves.  Do you have other travel must haves in your family?  If so, leave us a comment and we would love to check them out.

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