Looking for a fun family activity near Ramstein Air Base with your kids? Look no further than the Japanese Garden, Kaiserslautern or also referred to as the Dinosaur Park, Kaiserslautern. Kids will absolutely love this place.  There are Dino statues, water play area, creeks, play grounds, skate park, beir garden, and plenty of walking/hiking paths for beautiful scenery. This popular location has plenty of things to do in Kaiserslautern Germany for the day to keep you and your family wanting to go back again and again.   Those on TripAdvisor agree, you can see the reviews here.

Map Japanese Garden

Overview of Japanese Garden, Kaiserslautern

The Japanese Garden in Kaiserslautern, Germany is uniquely designed and is the largest of its kind throughout Europe.  The gates to this garden were opened in Apr 2000 and since then the garden has continued to grow, morph, and become more popular.  Although popular, this park has plenty of room so no worries of not being able to find your family a place to claim and spend a few hours relaxing or exploring. There is a small fee for entry into the park for children 6 and older. Kids 5 and under are free making this an extremely budget friendly outing for parents with younger kiddos.  Keep up-to-date on prices and activities on their site here Japanischer Garten.  

Dinosaur Park Ktown

Exploring the Dinosaur Park, Kaiserslautern 

The entire reason that we ventured out to the Japanese Garden, Kaiserslautern was because my sons wanted to see Dinosaurs.  We had recently explored the Dinosaur Park near Munich and they were wanting more.  The dinosaur area is both enjoyable and educational for all. Signs are in German and in English, so no need to worry about not being fluent in German to enjoy this adventure.  While the Dinosaur Park portion is not huge it is a great hiking distance if you have little ones.  It is just large enough to see a ton of dinosaurs but small enough to keep the kids attention.

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Japanese Park Creek

Beat the heat at the Japanese Garden, Kaiserslautern

As mentioned above, we visited this location because we thought is was a Dinosaur Park.  While it is, there is also so much more to discover and explore.  On hot days, beat the heat playing in the creeks or in the water play area. There is a whole section of the Japanese Garden dedicated as something of a splash zone.  No need for lifejackets as there is no pool but your kids (and you if you want) will be able to get completely wet and cool off in the multiple water play sections.  Parents don’t forget a towel as one will definitely be needed. I also recommend a change of clothes for after the fun is finished and before you continue to exploring the other areas.

Japanese Park Hike

Flowery Hike through the Dinosaur Park, Kaiserslautern

Do you and your family love the beauty of nature and flowers? Here at the Japanese Garden there is plenty of scenery to explore.  You can continue your hiking adventure past the Dinosaur Park portion of this garden before you head back to cool off in the splash zones.  I will caution that once you pass the dinosaur park area that all of the signs for the different flowers are only in German. Don’t let this stop you though.  Your family can still enjoy the beauty even if you don’t know exactly what flowers are in bloom.  Nature is beautiful regardless of the signs that are posted.  

Japanese Park Playgrounds

Fun Family Playgrounds at the Japanese Garden, Kaiserslautern

On top of everything above, your kids will have a blast exploring the many kid friendly parks that are available.  As you are circling around the Dinosaur Park area you will end at the playground areas.  There are multiple sections all with different heights, activities, and adventure difficulties which means that all your children regardless of age will find something they love and be able to play on.  If your kids are like mine, they will run between all of the different playgrounds and realize that there is fun to be had on each of them.  Not to mention because of the difference in them, if you do visit during a cooler time of year this can allow kids to burn off energy if the splash zone isn’t opened.  

Japanese Park Bier Garden

Grab a bite at the Beir Garden in the Japanese Garden, Kaiserslautern 

The Japanese Garden allows you to bring in your own picnic lunch and claim a spot under a tree for a picnic.  But if you didn’t know this or if you forgot your lunch, check out the bier garden that is in the park.  Since we were just visiting the area, we decided to eat at the bier garden.  There were more than enough bench seating so there was no problem finding a spot at a table to have lunch. The food was hot and the drinks cool and everything was very reasonably priced.   Next time we are in the area, we might just eat at the beir garden again so that we don’t have to worry about bringing in a bunch of stuff and leaving it sitting in the sun while we explore.  Food for thought.  

Dinosaur Park Ktown

Wrap up!

If you are in the neighborhood or traveling through like us, I would say the Japanese Garden (Dinosaur Park) in Kaiserslautern is worth the visit. My sons enjoyed all the activities and kept asking to go back. Learn from our mistakes and save yourself some time and a headache, follow the signs labeled as Japanese Garden not Dinosaur Park.  We drove around for about 15 minutes before we figured this out.  Now that you know how to find it.  Grab your kids and head to the Japanese Garden, Kaiserslautern / Dinosaur Park, Kaiserslautern.  

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