Which Icelandic Hot Springs near Reykjavik should you choose to visit on your family vacation to Iceland?  Are you debating between a visit to the popular Blue Lagoon or something more quiet and less well known like the Secret Lagoon?  Debate no more.  Mommy And Me Travels has you covered with what you need to know to decided what is best for you and your family.

During our (unfortunately too short) visit to Iceland, we wanted to plan our family vacation with a mix of touristy places and local places to really experience as much of the island as possible.  Probably like you, the first thing that we found doing research was the Blue Lagoon.  Since the Blue Lagoon In Icelandic is more of a tourist attraction, I was also looking for Blue Lagoon alternatives to add to our trip.  That is when we stumbled upon the Fludir Secret Lagoon.  So is the burning question on your mind is Blue Lagoon or Secret Lagoon Iceland?  Keep reading to discover our choice and recommendation for which geothermal pool we liked best.

The Secret Lagoon Iceland With Kids

The Secret Lagoon Iceland With Kids

Address: Hvammsvegur – 845 Fludir

GPS: 64.1374’N , 20.3094’W

The Secret Lagoon Iceland is in a small village called Fludir.  This Icelandic hot springs near Reykjavik is easily added to part of your golden circle itinerary.  The Secret Lagoon is the oldest geothermal pool (made in 1891) in Iceland and the warm water temperatures are 38-40 Celsius (99-104 Fahrenheit) year round.  The bottom of the pool is black so it feels volcanic (like gravel) and very much what you think about when imagining these hot springs in Iceland.  When traveling with your kids, be careful to not let them wonder too close to where the spring comes into the pool as the water can get REALLY HOT.

Getting to the Iceland Secret Lagoon hot spring is easily accomplished via a rental car or scheduling a Golden Circle And Secret Lagoon Tour.  While reservations are not required, it is recommended to secure your tickets before arriving.  This ensures you will get to swim during your desired time.  If you are really lucky, you might even snag a glance of the northern lights if you visit at night.  A huge bonus for those budget family travelers is that children 14 and younger are FREE when visiting with their parents.

What we liked best about the Secret Lagoon is that it felt like a true charming Icelandic experience.  Everything was just more relaxing, low key, and more local feeling then you will experience at the Blue Lagoon.  There is a small geyser and several other boiling pools for you to watch and walk around while visiting.  Do not let your kids enter these boiling pools.  The facilities are small but separated by gender and you can easily grab a drink or snack on your way out to the geothermal pool.  The staff and other visitors seem to not mind the kids being kids.  Your kids can explore, float around, laugh, splash a little, and just overall be kids without a lot of fussing from others. Bonus for your kids is that they provide pool noodles to use during their visit.

The Blue Lagoon With Kids

The Blue Lagoon With Kids

Address: Norourlijosavegur 9, 240 Grindavik

GPS: 63.8803’N , 22.4494’W

The Blue Lagoon Iceland is located only 20 minutes from Keflavik Airport in Grindavik which makes this a great place to start or end your trip from Iceland.  The Blue Lagoon gets its waters from volcanic aquifers 2000 meters within the earth.  It is not a natural phenomenon like other hot springs in Iceland.  The Blue Lagoon’s water is actually runoff from the geothermal power plant next to it. Since the water is a mix of fresh and ocean water it is extremely high in minerals and is known as a geothermal seawater making it safe for your Blue Lagoon with kids adventure.  The water here is a vibrant blue and the pool bottom is white, making this an easy to navigate relaxing area.

Visiting the Blue Lagoon with kids is easily accomplished with a little bit of planning and insight.  Make sure that you make reservations as they are required.  Get your Blue Lagoon And Spa Tickets so you aren’t disappointed upon arrival.  When getting your Blue Lagoon kids tickets make sure you don’t pay anything extras as children 13 and younger are FREE when visiting with their parents.  Something that as a parent you do need to keep in mind… This location is very touristy and they try to keep it as a relaxing and unwieldly as possible.  Translating to mean, they will speak to you and your kids if they don’t stay calm and quiet during your visit.

What we enjoyed most about our visit to the Blue Lagoon with kids.  This is a great way to start or end your vacation as it is so close to the airport.  We choose to end our trip here and it worked out perfect for relaxing everyone for our long international flight with a toddler.  The white-blue water here is absolutely stunning and like magic on a cold weather day as the steam pours off of it.  The facilities are very nice, clean, and have lots of lockers and even a luggage room to store your suitcases.  There is a spa for the mommies to visit.  We also enjoyed the included items for use— hair conditioner, body lotion, face mask, and drying stations.

Blue Lagoon vs Secret Lagoon Iceland

Blue Lagoon vs Secret Lagoon Iceland

Now that you know a little about each lagoon and what we enjoyed about them, it is time for us to revel the winner.  Both!  Hold on, let me explain.  Both are definitely worth a visit at least once because they are so different.

I will go on to say that our favorite is definitely the Iceland Secret Lagoon hot spring.  While the Secret Lagoon is not as fancy and doesn’t have all of the amenities of the Blue Lagoon it was just an overall better experience for our family.  I’m so glad we discovered it and are able to share it with you all.

Secret Lagoon Vs Blue Lagoon Iceland Hot Springs Comparisons 

The Secret Lagoon is a fraction of the cost of the Blue Lagoon.  You will definitely save money if you visit the Secret Lagoon in Iceland.  The Secret Lagoon is natural, less crowded, and more family friendly.  It is located along the Golden Circle and can easily be added to your day when you have time.  The minerals are all natural and great for your skin and hair.

The Blue Lagoon with kids would be best if you are worried about showering naked.  Since the Blue Lagoon is not a natural hot spring in Iceland, the showering naked part is not required as it is at the Secret Lagoon.  This could be a big plus for your family if you are skeptical about this part of the adventure.  Another pro for visiting the Blue Lagoon over the Secret Lagoon is that it is open later.  The fact that the Blue Lagoon is so close to the airport it is nice that if you have a later flight you can just spend the day relaxing here.

Tips For Visiting Both the Iceland Secret Lagoon and Blue Lagoon With Kids 

A couple of tips that are needed when you visit both the Secret Lagoon and Blue Lagoon with kids are as follows…  When visiting any Icelandic hot springs is to remove all jewelry but especially silver jewelry.  The water is great for your skin but very hard on your hair. Put some leave- in-conditioner in your hair before entering the water to help protect it.  The water is very warm and even hot in some areas, make sure you keep you and your kids hydrated during your visit.  A great budget tip is to bring your own water bottle and fill it from the water fountains.

Blue Lagoon VS Secret Lagoon Iceland – Which Icelandic Hot Springs Should Your Family Visit?

Final Thoughts On Blue Lagoon VS Secret Lagoon Iceland – Which Icelandic Hot Springs Should Your Family Visit?

The Icelandic hot springs are definitely a MUST visit on your trip to Iceland.  Be prepared for anything that might get thrown your way by ensuring you have insurance for your travels.  Get travel insurance before you go – Travelex!

The Blue Lagoon is the most touristy and expensive of them all, BUT is definitely worth a visit at least once.  The beautiful water, relaxing minerals, and overall beauty is worth seeing during your visit to Iceland. 

The Secret Lagoon Iceland, is a great Blue Lagoon alternatives due to the price, updated facilities, and overall family fun.  It is the oldest geothermal pool of its kind and definitely feels like you are traveling the true Iceland experience.

Do you know of other hot springs near Reykjavik that we should check out on our next visit?  Want advice on how to save money on your next family vacation?  Or just looking to get family travel tips and tricks?  Join our private Facebook Group…. Little World Adventure Travelers.

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Blue Lagoon VS Secret Lagoon Iceland – Which Icelandic Hot Springs Should Your Family Visit?

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