Welcome to the discovery of the best travel box subscription for kids article.  I’m so excited to share all of these fun vacation in a box ideas with you to explore at home.  These travel boxes will take your family to a new destination every month with different activities focused on new countries and cultures in every box.

This is a full list of monthly subscription boxes that have brought great joy to my boys during our time of social distancing at home.  They have both missed traveling and exploring the world, so I looked and researched ideas to help them continue to learn about cultures, countries, and foods from around the world.  I’m now sharing which monthly travel box subscriptions are best for kids and families with you.

In addition to all of these around the world boxes, make sure you check out the best TV shows about traveling that your kids are sure to love.  The cute characters in each of these shows will continue to build the inspiration for travel at home in your kids.

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Little Passports Travel Subscription Boxes

Little Passport monthly subscription boxes come in 3 different age groups making this perfect for all kids in your family.  Early Explores Subscription is for ages 3-5. World Edition Subscription is for ages 6-10.  USA Edition Subscription for ages 7-12.  We have personally enjoyed the Early Explorer and World Edition boxes since this is the age appropriate travel boxes for my boys.  Buy Little Passports monthly subscriptions here now!

Early Explorer Travel Box Subscription

The Early Explorer Subscription is perfect for you littlest globe trotters.  These around the world boxes will bring fun filled discovery to your little ones each month.  The first box comes with an orange suitcase (perfect for keeping all of your kids items together) and a wall-sized world map. Included in the first box, and all those after, your kids will get items such as luggage tags, stickers for their suitcase and map, photos, activity books, fun toys, and a letter from their pen pals Max, Mia, and Toby.  Ready to sign you little one up?  Click here now!

World Edition Travel At Home Subscription

The World Edition Subscription is geared towards your little ‘big’ kids ages 6-10.  These around the world boxes will allow your kids to explore a different country each month from the comfort of your home.  The first box comes with a blue suitcase (great if you have kids in different travel box monthly subscriptions), a wall-sized map, play passport, country coin board, fun squishy animals, and access to online content that is focused on each months country-theme.  Included in each following travel box is fun toys / souvenirs from each country, collectable coin for their board, activity sheets, photos, stickers for suitcase/passport/map, and a letter from their pen pals Sam & Sofia.  Start getting your kids involved with travel around the world from Little Passports here!

USA Edition Vacation In A Box Subscription

The USA Edition Subscription from Little Passports is a way focus on vacationing in the USA for your kiddos ages 7-12 with 2 new states each month.  Your kids will receive everything they need to get started exploring the USA in their first box which comes with a USA field guide, scratch book, and USA map.  For this month and each after your kids will receive items like a photo scavenger hunt, activity-packed State journal, stickers, note from pin pals Sam & Sofia, and access to more fun online. Don’t miss signing up here for your USA travels now!

Cratejoy Travel Subscriptions For Kids

Cratejoy has more than 2,000+ subscription boxes to choose from.  Don’t let that scare you.  I’ve done the hard work for you and found the best subscription boxes for travelers kids available to you from Cratejoy.

Geo Journey Subscriptions For Kids

Geo Journey subscriptions for kids is similar to the Little Passport subscriptions above but are a significantly lower price.  These travel boxes for you little ones will have them learning geography through fun monthly activities.  You children will get a starter kit and then explore a new country every month through photos, fact cards, stickers, and souvenirs.  Souvenirs are fun things like a Japanese Fan from Japan or a Boomerang from Australia.  This is a great kids travel box to start with if you are wondering if your kids would enjoy it.  Get your Geo Journey Subscription here now!

Our Little Globe Monthly Travel Subscription Boxes

Our Little Globe Subscription is similar to the other boxes on this list except they provide exploration of countries a little differently.  Your kids will get a mini suitcase, world map, and passport in their first box.  Each month after that your kids will not only receive the fun items of stickers, letter from their pin pal, craft activities, and a country poster, but they will also receive a spice pouch and recipe card so they can also taste the country they are discovering that month.  Note that this is a British Company but they ship world wide.  The cost is in British Pounds per month but don’t let that deter you, sign up for yours here!

WompleBox Travel Kids Monthly Box

The WompleBox travel kids monthly box is geared towards kids ages 6-11.  This kids monthly travel box will have your little adventures exploring new countries each month through an early reader illustration book, craft activities, a map and country guide, collectible keychain, and much more.The WompleBox even comes with enough items in each box for 2 kids.  Don’t wait, get your WompleBox here and start discovering new countries every month.

Finders-Seekers – Escape Room Game Box Subscription

Finders-Seekers – Escape Room Game box subscription is the most unique of all the travel boxes here.  Each month your family will get excited about exploring new cities and cultures through an escape room challenge by solving puzzles and deciphering codes.  These travel boxes even come with a Facebook group community that can help you if your family gets stuck or you could use the included clues in your box.  This is a fun filled family adventure that both kids and adults will love to learn about new places with each month.  Order now to start your monthly family game night Finders-Seekers – Escape Room Game Box Subscription.

Little Global Citizens Travel Box Subscription Plus Bonus Sibling Box

The Little Global Citizens Travel Box Subscription is focused on teaching your kids about countries around the world through inspiration about the people and culture in each country.  Each month your kids will get a different country to explore through children’s guides, crafts, games, puzzles and quizzes, language skills, recipes, and a high quality story book.  If you have more than one child, make sure you buy the monthly + sibling box as you’ll get an extra set of the material needed for both kids to explore the world.  Start your kids journey around the world and buy the Little Global Citizens Box here.

KiwiCo Atlas Crate Travel Educational Subscription Boxes

KiwiCo Atlas Crate Travel Educational Subscription Boxes will have your kids exploring new countries each month through fun STEM activities.  Each month your kids will get hands-on fun through projects and activities that focus on new cultures, creative learning activities, a keepsake book to collect their cards and stickers each month, and lots of information to discover new cultures with their friends Anya & Milo.  The Atlas Crate Box is geared towards kids ages 6-11.  If hands-on and play based learning about new cultures is for your kids, get yours Atlas Crate here.

Up And Away Adventures Travel Box Subscription

Up And Away Adventures Travel Box Subscription will come to your kids bi-monthly.  These boxes are set up to have your kids exploring different countries through their 5 sense; touch, taste, smell, sounds, and sights.  Each box comes with activities and games to learn about a new culture over 2 days worth of activities.  If you want to explore a well researched destination every other month then Click Here For Up And Away Adventure Website.

10 Best Travel Box Subscriptions For Kids : Families - Travel Around The World From Home
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Wrap Up Of The 10 Best Travel Box Subscription For Kids / Families – Travel Around The World From Home

I hope you have found a box on this list that is perfect for your whole family that will keep the kids excited about traveling the world from home.  Use these boxes to teach kids about your bucket list items or just to explore new cultures.

Once you are ready to take off on your next family adventure, check out all of our tips and tricks for planning your next family vacation.  You can even get our tried and true family travel hacks, learn how our kids fly free, and discover everything you need to know for a road trip with kids on our blog Mommy And Me Travels.

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10 Best Travel Box Subscriptions For Kids : Families - Travel Around The World From Home
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