Welcome to the discovery of the best food from around the world subscription boxes families article. I’m so excited to share all of these wonderful taste the world box ideas with you to explore at home. These food and snack boxes will take your family to a new destination every month with fun snacks, spices, and/or treats focused on new countries and cultures in every subscription box.

This is a full list of foods from around the world monthly subscription boxes that have brought great joy to my boys during our time of social distancing at home. We have all missed traveling and exploring the world, so I looked and researched ideas to help them continue to learn about cultures, countries, and foods from around the world. I’m now sharing these monthly family box subscriptions that will tingle your taste buds and let you continue to taste the world from the comfort of your home.

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Best Food From Around The World Boxes

Kids Subscription BoxCategory Cost
Universal YumsSnack Box

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Worldwide Snack MixSnack Box

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TreatsSnack Box

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Try The WorldSnack Box

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Little SousCooking Box

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Eat2ExploreCooking Box

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International Meal KitsCooking Box

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Explore LocalCooking Box

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Culture CakeBaking Box

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BaketivityBaking Box

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World Food Spice BoxSpices Box

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Spice MadamSpices Box

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Piquant Post Flavor KitsSpices Box

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Snacks From Around The World Box

The following snacks from around the world boxes will be a fun treat for your family each month. 

Universal Yums Snack Subscription Box

Photo from Universal Yums

Universal Yums – Monthly Snack Subscription Box

Universal Yums monthly international snack boxes come is 3 different sizes for you to choose from. Each world snack box comes with an activity adventure booklet full of trivia, recipes, and many other surprise activities for your kids to enjoy. The booklet is a great complement to the sweet and salty snacks that you will receive from different geographical locations each month. This international snack subscription is great for those parents that want to teach your children about travel, geography, and culture through foods from these destinations. Click here to learn more about the multiple box options and find the best prices.

Worldwide Snack Mix International Snack Subscription Box

Photo from Cratejoy

Worldwide Snack Mix – International Snack Box

Worldwide Snack Mix is an international snack box subscription that allows you to pick the regions of snacks that you want your family to enjoy.  Choices for each snack box from different countries are Worldwide, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.  Each international snack subscription box comes with 8 or more snacks with a variety of chips, candy, wafers, biscuits, gummies, and so much more.  Explore all of your family Worldwide Snack Mix options here.

Treats Yum Yum Box

Photo from Cratejoy

Treats – Monthly Snacks From Around The World

Treats is a monthly snacks from around the world box that your kids will get excited about when delivered to your front door.  This fun snack box subscription international treat comes with delicious and unique snacks that you and your family have never seen, packed full of flavor, and a postcard full of information about the country.  Click my link now to get more information and to see if you are able to get your 15% discount with code STAYCATION15.

Try The World Snack Box

Photo from Cratejoy

Try The World – Snack Box Subscription 

Try The World is a monthly subscription box that brings the flavor of the globe to your household. Try The World boxes have two different subscription options; an option for snacks or a country option. Your kids would be super excited if you get them both 🙂 . Click here to get more information and pick Try The World box option.

Kids Cooking Subscription Boxes

These kids cooking subscription boxes will teach your kids about cultures and flavors from around the globe.

Little Sous Taste The World

Photo from Little Sous

Little Sous – Kids Cooking Subscription

Little Sous kids cooking subscription box is a new cooking club for kids that creates unique cooking lessons delivered right to your front door. Each monthly themed box is geared to creating an environment that nurtures your child’s love of cooking by teaching them to become creative and confident cooks.  In each family box you will receive 1 main cooking lesson, kid-friendly recipes, food-science and art-based activities, a lesson on food culture via a jumbo coloring poster, puzzle, games, and collectable stickers, and with 12 month subscription you’ll get one high-quality kitchen tool safe for kids. Click here and head to the shop to learn about subscription and purchase options!

Eat2Explore Kids Cooking Subscription

Photo from Eat2Explore

Eat2Explore – Family Box Subscription

Eat2Explore is a travel the world subscription box that allows you to choose between exploring just 1 country, 1 continent, or the entire world. Each of the geography boxes include 3 recipe cards, essential spice/sauce/grain mixes, a shopping list for the fresh groceries needed, learning material such as country brochures and activity sheets, and kid approve collectibles like passport, cooking tool, stickers, flag pin, and so much more. Click here to see more information about the Eat2Explore options and get 15% off with code NEW15.

International Meal Kits by Takeout Kit Family Boxes

Photo from Cratejoy

International Meal Kits by Takeout Kit World Boxes

International Meal Kits by Takeout Kit is a great way to get your whole family to taste the world at home. These kits come ready to feed a family of 4, you just have to add the protein. There are 16 different meal kits that you can purchase and try. These kits are easily stored in your pantry until you are ready to use. Bonus, International Meal Kits are individual boxes that you can buy without a subscription, meaning you can pick those that appeal most to your family. Don’t let this great opportunity to taste the world from home pass you by. Click here for more information and to get your International Meal Kits now!

Explore Local Subscription Box

Photo from Cratejoy

Explore Local – USA Local Subscription Box

Explore Local is a USA local subscription box focused on bringing a different US city to your doorstep every month. If you love to shop local then this monthly food box is for you. Each box includes items locally produced by small business and artisans from that months highlight city. Teach your kids about a different USA city through their designated food items with this fun monthly box.  Click here for more information about Explore Local.

Kids Baking Subscription Box

What is better than a sweet treat at the end of the night? Nothing! With these kids baking subscription boxes your kids will not only get a sweet treat but also get to try exotic flavors from different countries around the world. 

Culture Cakes Kids Baking Subscription Box

Photo from Cratejoy

Culture Cake Kit – Kids Baking Subscription Box

Culture Cake Kit is a fun and unique baking subscription box that brings culture fusion cupcake recipes to your kitchen. Each box comes with 3 exotic ingredients and backing supplies, a recipe of the destination flavors to infuse your cupcakes, a booklet of cultural items and collectibles, and snacks from that featured country. Get your kids excited to put down the electronics and join you in the kitchen with this baking subscription box. Click here to see more information and get the latest prices on the Culture Cake Kits.

Baketivity World Boxes For Families

Photo from Baketivity

Baketivity – Family Box For Baking

Baketivity is a kids baking subscription box that will have your children begging to get into the kitchen to make dessert. Each family subscription box comes with pre-measured ingredients, clear step by step instructions, kid approved educational lessons, kid friendly shopping list, and a hat and apron. Click here to get the latest prices and information on Baketivity.

kids subscription boxes

Spice Box Subscription

Try these spice box subscriptions to bring flavor to your meals monthly. Each of these family boxes are unique in that you will receive a different countries flavor monthly.

World Food Spice Box Subscription

Photo from Cratejoy

World Food Spice Box – International Spice Box Subscription

World Food Spice Box is a monthly subscription box that delivers spices from around the world to your doorstep. These around the world spice boxes come with a recipe card to help you develop all of the flavors from your monthly destinations right in your own kitchen. The boxes are shipped from the UK but don’t let that deter you. These culinary spice specialist have traveled the world to get you the best taste from exotic destinations to bring right to you. Click my link now to get more information and to see if you are able to get your 20% of 6+ month subscription with code Spicy.

Spice Madam Spice Box

Photo from Cratejoy

Spice Madam – Monthly Spice Subscription Box

Spice Madam is a monthly spice box subscription that’s a one-way ticket for trying a new flavor destination each month from your kitchen.  These boxes are perfect for families that want to try a new international food each month. In this monthly spice box subscription you can expect to receive enough spices and spice blends to make a full course dinner that feeds 6-8 people with 5-6 recipes on a new destination each month. Your spice box also comes with the bonus of a themed playlist and postcards with fun facts that will get your kids excited to learn and taste your international cuisine.  Click here for the latest prices and more information about Spice Madam monthly box.

Piquant Post Flavor Kits Around The World Spice Subscription Box

Photo from Cratejoy

Piquant Post Flavor Kits – Taste The World Spice Boxes

Piquant Post Flavor Kits is a monthly spice subscription box that will have you and your family looking forward to getting into the kitchen each month. This monthly box comes with 4 freshly-ground spices inspired by a new destination each month, 4 chef-developed recipes that are perfectly paired to those spices, and access to their online recipe data base so that you can choose recipes that are perfect for your families taste buds. The online data base can be used to substitute recipes if you need or find other creative ways to use your extra spices if you have them. Check out what others have to say about this spice box here.

Best Food From Around The World Boxes For Families / Taste The World In The Comfort Of Your Home

Wrap Up Of The 13 Best Food From Around The World Boxes For Families / Taste The World In The Comfort Of Your Home

I hope you have found a yum yum box on this list that is perfect for your whole family that will get your kids excited about traveling the world from home through the love of food. Use these geography boxes centered around food to teach kids to explore new cultures.

Once you are ready to take off on your next family adventure, check out all of our tips and tricks for planning your next family vacation.  You can even get our tried and true family travel hacks, learn how our kids fly free, and discover everything you need to know for a road trip with kids on our blog Mommy And Me Travels.

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13 Best Around The World Food Boxes For Families : Taste The World In The Comfort Of Your Home Best Food From Around The World Boxes For Families : Taste The World In The Comfort Of Your Home

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