Beaches Resort Ocho Rios Jamaica is a great way to spend a day or several days with your family.  Mommy And Me Travels love visiting Beaches Resorts when we travel to the Caribbean.  Beaches Resorts (part of the Sandal Family) has something for everyone.  We love the beach, pools, waterparks, kids camps, and food options.  Normally we use these all inclusive locations as our accommodations on vacation.  This time we secured a day pass to the Beach Ocho Rios Resort since our cruise trip had Ocho Rios, Jamaica as a location stop.  There are lots of options for you to choose from on your cruise ships but we are so glad that we chose not to take an excursion from the ship and do our own thing.  The cost of the day pass is definitely worth it for access to all of the Beaches Resort All Inclusive amenities (beach, pool, waterpark, food, drinks (alcohol included), and kids play areas).  This article will give you tips and tricks for the Beaches Ocho Rios Jamaica and how to make the most of your day pass.  Start your trip off with everything you’ll need from our 7 Day Family Cruise Checklist.

Beaches Resort Ocho Rios Jamaica Overview

The Ocho Rios Jamaica All Inclusive Beaches Resort boast about being a family beachfront getaway.  The resort is 22 acres of tropical garden space and beachfront property.  Beaches Ocho Rios is just a short taxi ride from the cruise port but is almost 2 hours from the international airports.  The resorts breathtaking views of the ocean is something that will even have your kids stopping to say “look mommy”.  The view is due to how the resort is set up on a hillside.  When you enter the main lobby area you are not able to see most of the resort as you are at the top of the hill.  The entire resort is set into levels that zigzag down the hill to the ocean front.

Beaches Ocho Rios Reviews – Beach Area

The beach and swimming areas are located at the bottom of the stairs/elevator when you reach the bottom of the hill.  The beach is soft white sand and absolutely beautiful to relax on for the day.  The water is crystal clear and the perfect swimming temperature for all of your family to enjoy.  This is also where your family can take advantage of all the water activities that are included in your day pass; activities like, snorkeling, kayaking, banana boat rides, etc.  Full transparency, the beach and ocean swimming area is on the smaller side and if it is crowded you could find yourself without a chair.  We did not have this problem as we visited in Oct. 

Beaches Ocho Rios Reviews – Pool Area

We spotted 5 pools and 2 whirlpools.  When you first exit the Beaches Resort Ocho Rios lobby area you will come upon the main pool.  This is a large pool with a swim up bar.  Many people seem to find a chair and hang out at this pool.  We counted 2 of the pools as the ones located in the waterpark area.  The slides for the waterpark dump into these pools so they are more for adults to hang out at while watching their kids having fun on the slides.  There was 1 pool for younger kids that was maybe a foot deep and great for babies or toddlers to enjoy their time.  While at the beach we saw there was a small pool up on the hill right outside of one of the room sections.  We did not go up to it so I don’t know if this is exclusive for guest staying in that wing or not. 

Beaches Ocho Rios Reviews – Waterpark Area

My boys love waterparks.  The one at Beaches Ocho Rios Jamaica Resort is great for kids and adults.  The waterpark has 11 slides at differing heights and speeds.  This means that my youngest could enjoy himself while my oldest got more of an adrenaline rush with the larger slides.  Since the waterpark is all located together at Pirates Island it makes it extremely easy for parents who have children of different ages to keep an eye out for everyone and help keep your mommy worries at bay.  The area has a zero entry splash zone for toddlers, slides for toddlers, slides for your little kids, slides for big kids, and slides for teens.  Of course those that are young at heart will also enjoy the different slides also.

Food and Drinks – Beaches Ocho Rios Reviews

Your day pass gets you access to all of the benefits of the Ocho Rios Jamaica All Inclusive.  Beaches Ocho Rios has 7 restaurants and 6 bars.  We did not get to visit all of the restaurants as we were only there for a day.  We choose to eat at Belle Napoli and the food is good.  The boys ate a pizza while Greg and I had jerk chicken.  We loved the variety of food and the fact that it was fast and good.  We checked out several of the bars and all of the bartenders were friendly and seemed to enjoy their job.

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Tip 1: Secure your Beaches Resort Ocho Rios Day Pass Before You Arrive

As mentioned earlier, we visited the Beaches Resort Ocho Rios as a day trip from our cruise for our Ocho Rios Jamaica day at port.  This resort was not one of the excursions offered by the ship and we had to secure the day pass on our own.  I called ahead to the resort to see if we could just show up or need to reserve ahead of time.  I’m so glad I called as they do not always allow walk-ins.  The reasoning behind this is that they only provide a few day passes each day and your name has to be on the list at the gate guard shack to enter the property.  I actually really like that they control the amount of guest and day passes as this allows everyone to enjoy the resort without overcrowding.  Ready to book your Beach Ocho Rios Vacation?

Tip 2: What you need to pack in your day bag for this Beaches Resort Ocho Rios Jamaica All Inclusive

Since you will only be spending the day at Beaches Ocho Rios Resort you will need to carry with you everything your family requires.  Here is what you will need and will not need to pack for the day. Knowing what to or not to pack will help you to pack light and stay organized throughout the day. 

Things To Pack:

*Dry clothes to change into before you leave the resort.  We used our Medium Packing Cube to fit everything nice and neat into our Venture Daypack Backpack  and have easy access to pull it out and change before departure.  

*Swim suites, Sunblock, Flip Flops, and Swim Diapers (if your young child isn’t potty trained)

*Light toiletries if you want to clean up before putting on dry clothes.  There are showers you can use at the Beaches Ocho Rios Jamaica Resort

*Credit Card for buying day pass.  We like to earn Southwest Points on our purchases as to keep airfare low with our companion passes.  If you don’t have a Southwest Card yet, Get yours here and start off with extra bonus points:  Southwest Credit Card Referral Program 

*Documents proving who you are (passport, driver license, ship access card, etc.)

Things You Don’t Need To Pack:

*Towels.  These are provided at the resort at all water locations and you don’t need to take up space in your bag with these.

*Floaties.  Located near the pools and waterpark are kids size lifejackets that you can use for your visit at Beaches Resort Ocho Rios

*Food, Snacks, Drinks.  These are all included in the cost of your day pass


Tip 3: Securing a ride to and from Beaches Resort Ocho Rios

When you disembark from your cruise ship you will need to make your way through the shopping area and to the taxi’s.  Ensure that your driver knows exactly where you are going before you agree on a ride.  We had to ask 3 drivers before we found one that knew the location.  Securing a ride to Beaches Ocho Rios Jamaica Resort must not be a common occurrence, which works out great for us and you on your visit.  During our taxi ride we found out that while the resort states Ocho Rios it is in fact not within the city itself.  Beaches Ocho Rios Jamaica is a few miles east of the city and that is why not all of the drivers knew where we were requesting to go.  We spent $100 on a round trip ride for 4 of us (prices could change depending on your taxi and time of year so check before leaving).  From the cruise port to the Beaches Resort was about a 25 minute drive, but we planned for 45 minutes back just in case we hit traffic.  The taxi driver picked us back up at our agreed upon time.  Note, Jamaica is on central time which is an hour behind ship time.  Make sure you adjust your pick up so you don’t miss your ship.

Tip 4: Last and certainly not least….. HAVE FUN!

You are spending the day at an all-inclusive resort, enjoy your time here.  There is lots for everyone and something for every age.  Our itinerary was to spend a few hours at the beach, grab lunch, swim in the pool, and then spend the rest of our afternoon at the waterpark.  If this works for you great.  If not, visit the areas that are best for you and your family.  We wanted to make the most of our family adventure that day so we choose to do it all.  Wanting to relax more, this resort can help you do that with a visit to their Spa.  Your kids will think that you found a gem for the day and will remember all of the fun that you all had while at Beaches Ocho Rios Jamaica Resort.  Start here to secure your spot now!  MOMventures: Only at Beaches Resorts! Where kids have fun while mom lays in the sun! Get your tan on with up to 65% off at Beaches Resorts!

Final Thoughts!

We will definitely visit the Beaches Ocho Rios Jamaica Resort again if we are in Jamaica. It is a rare find when you can discover a place that caters towards kids and really meets or exceeds your expectations.  Getting the Beaches Resort Ocho Rios Day Pass to spend the day away from our cruise was the highlight of our trip for my boys due to all of the fun activities that are available at this location.  This mommy likes that due to the limited amount of passes that are provided that during our Oct visit is was not crowded and we were able to walk right up to everything without having to wait.  Just like everywhere, locations is something to keep in mind when you are planning your trip.  Due to the location being just east of Ocho Rios we were able to take the opportunity to explore the Beaches Ocho Rios Jamaica Resort for the day.  This was perfect for our family.  We loved getting the taste of the resort and helps us make the decision if we would like to stay longer at a future date.  Are you ready to start planning your trip to Beaches Ocho Rios Jamaica Resort?  Help keep Mommy And Me Travels free by securing your reservations here (it cost you nothing extra but gives us a few pennies). 

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