Most don’t think of St Louis when it comes to winter activities. For that reason, Mommy And Me Travels has scoped out the best location for snow sledding in the area. The winner is: Art Hill at Forest Park. Sledding on Art Hill in Forest Park, like many other activities at Forest Park, became a tradition dating back to the 1904 World’s Fair.

Why is this the winner?

Kids of all ages can and will enjoy this sliding experience! The hill is massive enough that you regularly can find a spot to slide without having to wait very long, even if there are mobs of kids out having fun in the snow. The hills slope is perfect for getting your heart beating without being too extreme so the youngest of kids are able to enjoy the ride also.

What should you wear?
It is cold! Make sure to dress your kids and yourself for the snowy weather. Wear snow pants or a snow bib, water proof gloves, a jacket, and snow boots if you have them (or at least some rain boots). I also recommend packing ski helmets for the kids at a minimum. This is a free for all sledding hill. If it is crowded you have a possibly of colliding with others or being knocked down yourself. We like these helmets here: Traverse

What to pack?
Bottle Water – Even in the snow and cold you will dehydrate quickly
Snacks – Running up and down Art Hill to complete several slides, you will work up an appetite
Helmets – See above as to why these are important
Sleds – #1 thing you must have to partake in the fun

Tips for sledding on Art Hill in Forest Park!
1. Ensure you don’t forget to bring your own sleds. This is not a commercialized sledding area so no sleds are available for rent. We have found the most fun to actually be inner tubes. Since we are sliding with small kids, we use the ones that have mesh bottom so the kiddos don’t fall out. This also provides for the most speed. Our favorite is the A-DUDU Snow Tube.
2. At the bottom of Art Hill is a large lake. There are hay barrels that are placed at the bottom of the hill to prevent you from going into the lake. There have been instances where this precaution has not succeeded. Remind your kids, that it is okay to bail out of their sled or tube.
3. Most importantly HAVE FUN and build your family memories!!!

And there you have it! Sledding on Art Hill in Forest Park is Mommy And Me Travels number 1 place to go sledding in St Louis, MO. I hope that you are now prepared and ready to successfully partake in this fun family adventure.

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