Family road trips are some of our most fun and memorable adventures.  Road trips with toddlers can also lead to some of the most stressful.  Well not anymore!  These family travel experts have mastered road trips with toddlers to help make the ride more enjoyable for all.  Here is the list of top 12 items that you can put in your back pocket for your next road trip with a toddler.

Planning for the Road Trip with Toddlers:

  1. Have a co-pilot, if possible.  It’s less stressful if you have a co-pilot to help navigate, read road signs, and manage the phone, snacks, and music selection. – Captivating Compass
  2. We love to leave super early in the morning if we know we have a long haul drive ahead of us, for example a 10 hour trip to see the grandparents.  If we can leave at 3am, then we get the first half of the drive under our belts before the kids even wake from their slumbers!!  Driving with sleeping kids is a fantastic way to do it. – Gadsventure (
  3. Bring comfy stuff like pillows and blankets!  Kids and adults sometimes like to snuggle and take naps on long car rides. –Disabled Disney (

Foods for a Road Trip with Toddlers:

  1. Only bring water.  Do not bring flavored drinks.  If you do, your kids will chug them and you will be stopping to use the restroom every 30 minutes. – Tips From a Typical Mom
  2. Snacks. You can never go wrong with extra snacks.  When you can’t find a restaurant or you’re stuck in traffic it will be snacks to your rescue every time.  We skip anything sugary or messy and always have wet wipes and a towel within reach. – Full Time Field Trip (
  3. Plan a picnic. Picnics are a wonderful way to experience the outdoors with young children (toddlers).  Even busy motorways can have attractive rest areas.  Plan ahead, bring a cool bag and enjoy some memorable lunches. – World For A Girl

Road Trip Games for Kids:

  1. For my toddler, his favorite game is trying to get the semi-trucks to honk their horns.  You play this game by moving your arm up and down as if you were pulling the string for their horn.  He gets a big kick out of it and also is focused on finding “another big truck”. – Mommy And Me Travels
  2. We like to play the ABC game in the car.  Choose a topic, it could be animals, countries, or capital cities, for example.  Take it in turns, so the first person names an animal beginning with A, the second person names one being with B and so on.  Make it as silly or as educational as you like!  For younger children we used categories like ‘girl’s names’ and ‘boy’s names’.  Target it to their age group.  – Yorkshire Wonders (
  3. Choose music your whole family likes to sing along to!  With us it’s a good bet that Disney songs, 80’s, or metal will be chosen! – Disabled Disney

Frequent Stretch Breaks during Your Road Trip with Toddlers:

  1. We love a very loose agenda when road tripping – with time and freedom to stop in an interesting looking shop or café, or run across a field.  We often take breaks in small towns to get coffee and snacks, interact with locals, and learn about their town culture and history. – World Wise Kid
  2. Make sure you stop every two or three hours and let the kids out.  When you stop for gas or a bathroom break, let the kids run around for a few minutes.  It might make the trip longer, but it will be better for everyone to get out and stretch their legs. – State by State
  3. Make the journey and its stops part of the adventure.  There might not be much between Albuquerque and Las Vegas, for example, but spending half a day to walk around the Meteor Crater would be a really memorable adventure for the whole family! – Dandelion Seeds Positive Parenting

Wrap up for Road Trip with Toddlers:

By taking the advice of these well-seasoned travel mommies, you will be armed and ready for your next road trip with your toddler.  You can also use these great ideas for your kids that are a little older.  Do you have other ideas to share?  Have you tried any of these and had them work?  Let us know below in the comments and we can help each other grow our family adventure experiences for road trips with toddlers.

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