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My Background

I love to travel! This drove me to pursue  a masters degree in international relations and now I take every opportunity to visit new places.  When I found out that I was pregnant I thought that my traveling would have to stop or drastically slow down until my little man was much older.  I couldn't have been more wrong!  Since having my son I just figured out the little tricks that help make traveling with children much easier.  And now I have two boys!  I am writing this blog in hopes of helping those individuals that want to travel with their kiddos but just need a little guidance on where to go or what to see.  Everything in my blog is my personal opinion and I do not endorse or recommend anything to anyone.  I will tell you about our travels and what worked or didn't work for us.  You will have to take information and make it work for you and your travels.  (LEGAL DISCLAIMER:  I do not take responsibility for how your vacation turns out... but I certainly hope it's as enjoyable as mine was).  If you are ready to get started, come follow my sons and I around the world as we visit cities, explore major attractions, and discover those hidden gems.

How I Got Started

Growing up as a military "brat", moving was part of our life.  It gave me a profound sense of adventure and exploration.  Every new town/city/country allowed for new fun places to find and experience.

Top Destinations

It is such a big world.  How do I choose just one place?  My favorite destination is the place I have yet to discover.  I'm always most excited when we are off to a place we haven't yet explored.  Follow us around the globe as my top destination will change regularly.